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Have You Heard?

.....about the Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina? No? Neither had we, until their Founder and Executive Director, Kevin Adams contacted us via social media. Kevin and I had a very enlightening conversation that proved thought provoking. We discussed possibilities, opportunities, the vision of Ch8sing Waterfalls and that of Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina.

We spoke of community, diversity and inclusion. We spoke of change and collaboration. Our conversation led to an invitation for our ch8se champion Marionette and I to join their community of waterfall lovers across North Carolina and elsewhere, who are all dedicated to the wellbeing of waterfalls and waterfallers. Kevin extended an invitation for me to co-chair and implement the WKNC inclusion and diversity committee, and for Marionette to join me as an active member of the same committee. The invitation presented would ultimately position me to assuming the solo role as chair of the diversity and inclusion committee. After Marionette and I prayed and considered his offer, we are proud to announce we are two of the newest members of Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina.

What I am learning is that our love of waterfalls is truly infectious. It is undeniably contagious, much like this present pandemic we find ourselves faced with these days. You can't run from it. It is difficult to avoid, and no matter how much you try, waterfalls are ever present. Unlike the pandemic; however, we will always have waterfalls and someone has to help keep them and introduce them to those who have never experienced their magic.

You see we have visited the beautiful waterfalls in North Carolina numerous times, and are sure to visit many more times. In our conversation, it was obvious that Kevin had done his research. He found value in our mission of waterfalls as healers, and equally important, our mission of forging diversity in the beautiful outdoors. He respects the fact that we are encouraging more brown faces in green spaces. As he explained, WKNC needed Ch8sing Waterfalls.

I agree with Kevin, not only does WKNC need CW, we also need WKNC. This collaboration is sure to prove beneficial for us all. We are collectively working to do the good work and make the greatest impact possible.

Yes, the website is under construction. Stay engaged, and see how you may be of assistance, and know that we are working on it. While you are visiting the website, (WKNC) there, is an option for you to stay connected with the WKNC e-news letter at the very bottom of each page. I encourage you to do so.

Below is a snippet of the Volunteer Spotlight with Marionette and I, along with the entire WFNC October newsletter attached at the very bottom. Enjoy and join us as we celebrate growth and visibility as we continue to promote healing for our women while forging diversity and changing the narrative of what it looks like to enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Love, Peace & Waterfalls


The Spray Newsletter October - Waterfall Keepers
Download PDF • 1.95MB


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