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Our Team

Changing The Narrative of Outdoors, One Adventure At A Time.

For three years, in a solo effort, with support of family and friends, Ch8sing Waterfalls evolved.  In 2020 the need to bring in official backup unfolded into three amazing women who I call my Ch8se Champions.  Together we are intentionally changing the narrative of outdoors, one adventure at a time.


Deborah McGlawn

Deborah McGlawn is the founder and creative of Ch8sing Waterfalls.  She is a mother, a nanna, a giver, a friend.  


She started this movement in 2017; however it's official start began back in 2011 when her husband and best friend Richie introduced her to waterfalls.  Deborah's story is one of transparency, resolve, strength and passion.  You can read more about her story here.  

Deborah enjoys everything outdoors.  She embodies versatility and flexibility.  She is a marathoner, a kayaker, and she enjoys sewing and embroidery crafts.

Monmouth Falls and Niagra Falls are her top two bucket list places to visit.


She is humbled by the lives impacted by those who have chosen to embr8ce the ch8se with her, especially her ch8se champions.

A Ch8se Champion:

  • is an educated ally, a scout, an assistant, be it a lead or scoop.

  • is an advisor, a friend, Friend who helps the Ch8se Champ expand.

  • is a friend who follows the lead of the ch8se champ and adds value to the ch8se

  • upholds and supports the vision of ch8sing waterfalls.

  • is present at 60% of the ch8ses throughout the year.



Rhonda  loves to hike and spend time outdoors.

She finds hiking and ch8sing waterfalls to be a great way to connect with nature, decompress and get back to what is important in life. 

She loves to meet new people and introduce them to what the outdoors has to offer.

Rhonda believes hiking should be a combination of great cardio, while taking time to enjoy the scenery. Some of her local favorite trails are Kennesaw Mountain, Red Top Mountain, Pine Mountain and Stone Mountain.

Rhonda has enjoyed hiking in Colorado, Tennessee, Alabama, North, and South Carolina. Her favorite waterfall is Dry Falls in North Carolina. Rhonda’s wish is that everyone can see and hear the world through the eyes and ears of the Mountains.

She hopes to see you soon on the trail.


Alicia "AyJay" Jones

Alicia Jones aka Ay Jay has loved the outdoors since her childhood. Growing up with five older brothers she was always included in everything from climbing trees to building ramps for their bicycles to jump over. One of her favorites was hiking through the woods to the golf course to go sleigh riding in her neighborhood.


In 2015, Ay Jay organized and led three other women on a 100 mile bicycle ride from Anniston, AL to Smyrna, GA along the Silver Comet Trail.


After that achievement, she became a certified bicycle instructor and has successfully taught 5 adults and 10 children.


She loves to participate in ch8se scouts because she gets to hike the trail a second time.

Ay Jay was honored to be chosen as a Hike Leader on the Girl Trek Adventure Squad in 2019 and was thrilled to lead groups of women hikers through the Rockie Mountains. Later that year, she organized and hosted a group of 11 ladies on a Glamping trip.

In the early spring of 2020, Ay Jay fell in love with kayaking and started her Adventure Business which includes introducing people to and hosting Hiking, Biking, Glamping and Kayaking events. In all of her activities with Awesome Ay Jay Adventures, safety is top priority. She knows that emphasis on safety when briefing participants has helped her to assist non swimmers for example, in overcoming their fears of being out in the water on a kayaks. Ay Jay appreciates that safety is also paramount in Ch8sing Waterfalls Adventures and is estatic to be a Ch8se Champion.

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