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We Are Endangered Species

We are women, black women, and we know where our voice belongs!

September 17, 2022 our amazing Vibe Tribe, led by Camille Prawl-Pettway, Stacy Mullings, Tanna Stephens and Lauren Radlein, led an outstanding group of thirteen women to Noccalucca Falls, in Gasden AL.

The day was charged with great vibes, beautiful, melanated women on a mission of healing and self-care. We chose to Embr8ce the Ch8se and Camille, our amazing Ch8ser, content creator and Ch8se compilation specialist created the amazing recap vlog below:

It is the love and sisterhood in the vlog for me.

It is also the community and support in the images for me.

And it is all of this, the experience, and the mission of intentionally increasing the brown faces in green spaces for our community and the amazingly powerful women who choose self-care, and choose to Embr8ce the Ch8se.

Black & Brown Women, we are here for you and invite you to join our next Ch8se Embr8ce.


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