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Chapter Nineteen 70

Was it chapter nineteen or was it chapter seventy?

I'm glad you asked. It was chapter seventy celebrated in nineteen seventy attire. Get it? We hiked in our seventies peace symbols, our flower power and our melanated magic.

August 5, 2023 we celebrated the success of healing Black and Brown Women in nature as we chose to Embr8ce The Ch8se. We celebrated the success of six years of forging diversity outside, while creating a new outdoor narrative. We celebrated the success of hiking for healing, every season, every month, seventy times over six years.

Ch8sing Waterfalls proudly celebrated the 70th Ch8se Embr8ce dressed at Brasstown Falls, SC. There were 11 first time Ch8sers and a total of 41 Ch8sers combined. It was a Ch8se Embr8ce of epic proportions.

Celebrating 70 Chapters of Healing:

Chapter 70 marked a significant milestone in our healing journey. To commemorate this occasion, we donned our 1970s attire, embr8cing the vibrant colors, iconic styles, and spirit of unity from that era. This retro celebration not only symbolizes our growth and resilience but also added an extra layer of joy and connection to our hiking experience.

The Power of Nostalgia:

The choice to dress in 1970s attire brought a wave of nostalgia, reminded us of a time filled with social change, self-expression, and cultural revolutions. By adopting elements from this era, we not only honored the past but also celebrated our unique identities and acknowledged the struggles and triumphs that have shaped us over the years.

Unity and Sisterhood:

As Black and Brown Women, our connection goes beyond mere friendship; it encompasses healing, sisterhood, support, and empowerment. In Chapter 70, our shared experiences and collective healing journeys were strengthened by our unity. Together, we uplifted one another, shared stories, and created an environment where every voice is valued and heard.

Nurturing Ourselves and Others:

Ch8sing waterfalls is not just about personal healing; it's also about supporting our sisters along the way. Through our collaboration with The Survivor's Nest, we extended the beauty of our healing hikes and helped to support cancer survivors as they navigate their own healing journeys. Our collective commitment to nurturing ourselves and others amplifies the impact of each step we take. We know that we are all stronger together, and that is how we elevate and leave a substantial impact on all we encounter, encourage and support. Our friends, April Smith and her husband and Co-Founder, Gerald Smith are the strength behind the beautiful, non-profit organization, The Survivor's Nest.

If you or someone you know is impacted by cancer, reach out to their organization. They are extremely instrumental in the community and they go above and beyond to ensure the cancer survivor's and their caretakers are supported in a myriad of ways. Tell them their friends at Ch8sing Waterfalls said so.

Chapter 70 of Ch8sing Waterfalls took us on an extraordinary journey of healing, collaboration, and celebration. Through the vibrant attire of the 1970s, we commemorated our growth and resilience while reconnecting with nature's profound healing power. We worked hand-in-hand with Survivor's Nest to uplift cancer survivors, amplifying their voices and creating a sense of belonging within our communities. Together, we navigated the path of healing, joy, and solidarity, carrying forward the spirit of unity, support, and empowerment.

Chapter 70 proved powerfully emotional, exceptionally rewarding, and dynamically healing and fulfilling.

Our 70th Ch8se Embr8ce was led by our amazing Ch8se Leads, Kay Cee and Renee. These two women, did a great job of leading this monumental Ch8se Embr8ce. I am grateful for their love of outdoors and their ability to share their love with us all.

Below are several of the Instagram Reels created from chapter 70, by our amazing Ch8sers. Enjoy!

Join us for the upcoming chapters as we continue our quest to Ch8se Waterfalls, heal hearts, and inspire positive change.

Our upcoming events can be found here:

By Deborah McGlawn



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