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Ch8sing Waterfalls is a movement birthed from pain that has transformed into passion and adventure.  We are black women forging diversity outdoors, one adventure at a time.  We are black women hiking in search of waterfalls while creating a new narrative, designing our own healing.  Ch8sing Waterfalls is a collective of brown faces in green spaces.

Kind of the Beginning.webp

Kind of The Beginning

It is amazing how life events unfold and remain untold and many are carried to the grave.  Yet somehow the universe saw fit for me to share our story and bring life to it's purpose.  

Pieces 1.webp

Our 4:44 pt.1

November 11, 1991 to February 9, 1992 was our angel season. It was the time chosen by God for what later became our spiritual evolution. This was the birth and death of our daughter D’Anika LaShay. The doctors called it SIDS, we called it purposed, ordained, part of HIS plan.


Our 4:44 pt.2

Last year, as I approached what would have been Nika’s twenty-fifth birthday, I began seeing the number 444, over, and over, and over again. I had researched numerology years ago, and knew enough to know that these numbers had significant meaning; however, I didn’t immediately stop to figure out what that meaning was.

high falls nc.jpg

Our 4:44 pt.3

Now remember, I’m a lover of waterfalls, and GirlTrek has me trekking and building relationships, I never would imagine. During a trek, I would tell of my treks to the falls, and several ladies encouraged me to put one on the map, and they would join me. I thought to myself, how about we “chase waterfalls?

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