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Have You Ever?

.....sun bathed at the base of a waterfall after hiking with your awesome sister friends?

Have you ever had an experience that rendered you speechless?

Ever have a day filled with a roller coaster of energetic emotions?

Have you ever met the most impactful and amazing women ever, at the same time?

Have you ever been in a spiritual place that left you wondering how you got there?

Ever have an unexplainable joy that lasts for days?

Have YOU Ever?

.....been paralyzed with good vibes?

.....stood in freezing cold water, praying, healing and receiving?

.....shared the most intimate emotions with kindred spirits?

.....made organically beautiful connections?

.....saw yourself in someone else & saw someone in you?

.....been in a space that you could remain in for a lifetime?

.....felt so small, yet so big, incredibly humbled and blessed in one nano second?

Chapter 55 of Ch8sing Waterfalls, on 3.5.22, led by the amazing Ch8se Champion, Marionette Allen-Audifferen unfolded with 41 ch8sers and 4 of them 1st time ch8sers. Marionette were without our other Champions, Rhonda and AyJay on this ch8se; however, our Tried & True ch8sers helped hold us down. We were at Riley Moore Falls, a great new location to everyone, except for Marionette, of course.

It truly was the entire hike for me. With Marionette leading, I was able to meet the new ladies and have meaningful conversations with so many ch8sers along the trail. I am beginning to really enjoy being either in the middle or the scoop. It allows me the time to Embr8ce the Ch8se with more women than I would if I were leading. This may just be my new thing.

I shared amazing green space with women who haven't ch8sed with us in years and those who were first time ch8sers. It was here on the trail that I had the most fulfilling connections ever. It was during the experience that I was able to embr8ce the ch8se like the majority of the ch8sers do, and that is in the middle, in the point of connection between the lead and the scoop. It was the lunch time reflections and even the moments shared in silence with a sister holding hands. It was the forming or new relationships and the sharing of pain and that of pure joy. It was the 444 thousand selfies and pictures I witnessed and took part in. It was black girl healing, black girl joy and black girl love.

We were sharing, releasing, rejoicing, and building. It was one of the first times, if not the first time that I was so overwhelmed with a myrid of emotions, simultaneously kind of like in rapid fire sucession. It was almost overwhelming. This ch8se was magical to me. It was special and so extremely poweful.

On the way back to our vehicles, I chose to be the scoop, to support the sister taking her time and not rushing the experience. I chose to embr8ce the ch8se at the end of the line and I am blessed because of it. Ya'll I engaged in some real, get yo' life conversations with the Sistars at the end of the line. I brought up the rear with a SiStar who blessed me with so much wisdom, that I am still wrapping my mind around all of it and cannot wait to reconnect with her so we can finish all of the different conversations we had.

I could write about this day for hours and never adequately articulate those emotions nor relay the feels of that day. It is an impossible feat. Instead, allow me to share some of the 444 pics captured during that special ch8se embr8ce. You will have to visit our Instagram, TikTok and YouTube channels for the organic video reflections from some of the phenomenal women of chapter 55 who chose to be present with us at Riley Moore Falls. Until then, this experience, compilation video created by our creative Camille Prawl - Pettway sums up the experience beautifully.

Until we ch8se again,

Love, Peace & Waterfalls



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