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Chapter 54 at Amicalola Falls

Saturday, February 5, 2022, thirty-eight beautiful, brave women chose to embr8ce the ch8se in 27° weather for the second adventure of 2022. Eight of these amazing women were firt-time ch8sers.

These ladies chose to brave the lower temps in search of sisterhood, organic healing and fun. They found it, without fail. I am no longer amazed at the joy that is released when we join together as a collective for the greater good, healing and radical self-care. The ladies share their experiences on social media. When our experience is shared, it helps extend our reach which empowers healing, which further changes the narrative and further forges diversity outdoors. Our efforts are impactful and here is what the ladies chose to share:

A couple of years ago you couldn’t tell me that one day I would CHOOSE to get up at 5:00 a.m. on an easy Saturday to go hiking in 27-degree weather. I’m so glad I did this morning. It’s so good to hook up with a group of good sister girlfriends. I was challenged physically and mentally on this hike as I continued to climb upward on the trail. I enjoy the conversations, the inspiration, the sights and sounds, the healing, and of course the laughter I share with my sister girlfriends. #Ch8singwaterfalls#GotToKeepOnMoving Not only do we hike, climb and Ch8se Waterfalls but we dance too! I told y’all I love to dance. It’s always lots of fun hooking up with these ladies. Thanks Camille for the great video! #Ch8singWaterfalls#GotToKeepOnDancing- Charis Harris

If I'm stressed, tired, in a funk, I know forsure once I go #Ch8singwaterfalls my spirit will be lifted, I'll get rejuvenated and have a giant smile on my face! Today was no different, even with the temperature being totally disrespectful! It started out at 27°.....the sun did come out but it was still cold. My soul was warm, I trekked up the hill to see the top of Amicalola Falls then down hundreds of steps to get to the bottom of the falls. That will warm you up! Today was awesome, like I always say if you have never gone Ch8singwaterfalls to #Embr8ceTheCh8se you are missing out! - Kimberly Sunshine

If you listen to and are overly concerned about the weather'll miss out on the FUN by talking yourself out of going. Don't do that 2022!! #38Ladies#HikedIn28degrees#Ch8singwaterfalls#ItsWhatWeDo#HandWarmersWork#LayerUpAndWalkItOut - AyJay

"Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey." | Unknown


Today's #Ch8singWaterfalls hike was more challenging than I expected. I was reevaluating my life as we ascended the rocky, rough terrain of the trail. The cold temperatures made it more excruciating. However, winter's beauty made it worth it! -B.Renee Robinson

We #embr8cethech8se with love, patience, & endurance. Changing the narrative as 38 of us walked along waterfall way, helping and healing with every step.

#ch8singwaterfalls , #brownfacesingreenspaces We #embr8cethech8se with love, patience, & endurance. Changing the narrative as 38 of us walked along waterfall way, helping and healing with every step.

Got a chance to practice some #Unhindered , #RadicalSelfCare by choosing to #EmbraceTheCh8se and #Ch8singWaterfalls in Dawsonville , Ga in 27 degree weather with 38 beautiful and bold sisters!

Self Care is the best care! Cuz I cant take care of me, I cant take care if them. If I aint good, they aint Good!

Thank you God for my Ch8sing Waterfalls crew! I got just what I needed! Me and God connected and he heard my cry!

Chapter 54 was amazing, as are all of the adventures with the women of Ch8sing Waterfalls.

To embr8ce the ch8se is to take in the sights, the sounds, the smells, and the sisterhood. Look up. Take in the views, and find your safe space of release. These are the encouragements given by this ch8se champ to each ch8ser in hopes of absorption. Their expressions indicate, they understood the assignment. Can you tell?

Ch8sing Waterfalls is a movement of healing proportions. Get into it.


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