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I AM Listening……I AM Enough

By Ch8ser & Guest Blogger: Paula Dobbs

As we prepare to wrap up May which is Mental Health Awareness Month, I wanted to share my own experience with mental health concerns. First, let’s define mental health, according to the World Health Organization: WHO, mental health is a condition of mental wellness that enables people to manage life's stresses, realize their potential, learn, and work effectively, and give

back to their communities. Our mental health plays a major role in our day-to-day life, our

choices, and interactions with other and ourselves. Next to breathing and nourishing our bodies with healthy food comes our mental health. We must take time away from the chaos of this world and listen to our spirit to bring stability to our mental health.

Recently, I was off work and found myself dealing with mental health issues that I felt I could fix by going shopping or having a drink. However, as I prepared to drive to my first shopping destination, I quickly rerouted myself away from the store and headed in the direction of home. As I approached, the next exit with a mall, I began to have that shopping itch again. My mind was trying to push me to shop my discomfort away. As I changed lanes to get off on the mall exit, I said to myself “I don’t want to shop, what do I need?” I passed the mall exit and drove in silence; my soul quickly told me to go running. The funny part about this situation was that I was already dressed in workout clothes and shoes, so I had no excuse. I listened to my soul and drove to the nearest park and took off for a solo run outside in nature. My cellphone was about to die, so I had to preserve the battery. It was just me and nature, I could smell the honeysuckle in the air, hear the birds moving leaves to find food, see the trees blooming, feel the sun beating on my back and taste the sweetness of listening to my spirit.

What I gained from this situation was the ability to listen to my spirit cry out and I acted on

what it needed. My spirit was telling me that I didn’t need any new clothes, shoes or gadgets in

that moment. All I needed was ME, I was ENOUGH to quiet those voices of self-doubt,

imposture syndrome, depression, and low self-esteem. I just needed to connect to nature and

be present in the moment. Ironically, I had just received a temporary tattoo that read “You are

enough” just that morning. You see God, our ancestors and the universe will provide us with

what we need, the moment we need it. Everything that we need to get us through the storm is


Mental health maintenance is just as important as your next glass of water. We must learn to

be okay with having an off day to readjust our mental health. I encourage you to take a mental

health day, weekend, or vacation all to yourself and ask yourself “What do I need?” As I sat

down to type this post I ran across an article that highlighted the 2023 theme for Mental Health

Awareness Month “More than enough”. If the National Alliance on Mental Health can see your

value, sis, it’s time for you to say “I AM ENOUGH”

Mental Health Resources: National Suicide Prevention hotline: 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Locate a therapist

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World Health Organization: WHO. “Mental Health.”, June 2022,


May 27, 2023



Shellie Olds Johnson
Shellie Olds Johnson
May 26, 2023

I am Enough!


I am enough!


I am enough !!!!!

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