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Happy New Year - Chapter 17, 1.1.19 #19For19

Peace and blessings and new life lessons from our family to yours. It is with an elated heart and a fulfilled soul that we begin the year of 2019 ch8sing waterfalls in Georgia.

Even if I tried, I literally cannot make this stuff up. I am convinced that the universe loves us and approves of the ch8se.

A New Year of Ch8sing Waterfalls

Excited for the new year and the ability to narrate a chapter on the first day of 2019 my scout sista and I actually did our recon mission of the area on Christmas morning. That blog is the chapter 16.5. She and I made a neat discovery during the scout that will live on as a new bonus to the ch8se adventures. Keep reading, I'll tell you more.

As like every ch8se, without fail, the number of ch8sers who RSVP never match the number who actually show up to ch8se. This is the ch8se norm, so I am never disappointed when 37 indicate they are coming, 22 RSVP and 14 actually show up for the adventure. Of course those numbers aren't exact, but you get the picture. January 1st, was truly no different. What we have discovered is that the universe and all of its awesomeness already has a plan and therefore those who are there are suppose to be there. It is never all about me, well maybe it is, (smile) though truly, it is about us. Each lady who shows up for the ch8se has her own reason for being present. Each of us find ourselves facing fears, defeating doubt, embracing the healing forces of nature, and so much more. January 1st of 2019 proved no different than before.

Remember I said I cannot make this up? What started with 17 ladies present and accounted for, parking passes paid, and ready to go, slowly evolved into something so special, that only forces greater than all of us could have orchestrated. You see, I received a call from a ch8ser who needed us to know she was on the way. She had encountered traffic, yet she was pressing on and determined to ch8se. Needless to say, countless selfies, introductions, the talk before we walk and within minutes she appeared. Slowly we grew one more strong. Just as we were about to begin the round about of welcoming the sister and repeating the introductions a car enters the parking lot, with tinted windows where we could not see who was inside. Curiously, we waited to see who would appear, and wouldn't you know it, another sister is joining us. Our party of 17 is now a force of 19. Do you get it? It was meant to be that there were nineteen of us welcoming twenty nineteen, ch8singwaterfalls. I find this to be incredible. We love how the universe loves us. Amazingly, we were the intentional #19for19! Proof to me that there are no coincidences with our God, nor are there mistakes.

"What is to be will be, despite what I think or see. It will be!" ~DeboMcGlawn

Almost 19

Still missing one.

The new, new nineteen strike out on the muddiest, most wonderful ch8se adventure of 2019. Ha, the actual first ch8se of 2019. ....... pause......

Thank you nineteen for birthing this chapter with us. Thank you for starting your year off trusting us with your adventure. You could have been anywhere, doing anything, instead you trusted us with your first adventure of the new year. You trusted us to navigate your first nature hike of 2019. You even hung out with us for our after ch8se meal, although the wait to eat seemed to be forever long. You did that, all that, and for blessing us, we are thankful. Thank you for trusting us with your January 1st adventure. Thank you friends forever, for life.

18 minus our photographer Stacy, pictured below.

Cochran Mills Park invited us to two of her beauties. The soggy earth beneath our feat was unavoidable, the air was fresh and crisp and the views were breath taking. The universe and this serene space, welcomed us as we forged into the wonder of nature.

Our beautiful Stacy.

These two pictures were captured at the first of the two falls. The morning was perfect. By this time we had conquered an incline, though some would say we climbed a mountain. We crossed muddy terrain, splashed in mud holes and all the while sharing great conversation. We found ourselves laughing, and loving every step we took.

There were moments when we would pause for the necessary break, and to afford each sister the chance to be comfortable and not feel rushed.

At this point in the ch8se two of us, guess which two, returned to the spot where we had left a smile we hoped to find there when we returned; however, the rain had washed it away, so of course we had to return the smile to it's proper place. At least that is according to the two of us. No worries, no harm was done. We ch8se conservatively, following the rules of leaving no trace behind. We leave with what we came with. We also know that chalking is a safe and environmentally friendly way to enhance an adventure. Occasionally, we will leave chalk notes, knowing the rain will eventually wash it all way.

The smiley face returns.

Below is the picture from chapter 16.5, the original smiley face from the scout. See it didn't last, it was rain washed as if we had never been there.

The original smile.

The unusual, impromptu, unexpected moments such as the smiley faces are those which write our stories. They provoke the smiles, and lift the spirit of joy, as intended on our ch8ses. Each adventurer has her own identity, and we welcome her as she is. If you have ever ch8sed with us, you know exactly what I mean.

During the break, we re-fuel, hydrate, remove layers of clothing, and someone said take 14,000 selfies. After the break is over, we continue on to the next waterfall and near the conclusion of the ch8se. I almost forgot to mention the new tradition addition to the ch8se.

During our walk before you talk, we introduced the ladies to what we are calling geoCh8sing. Check out the tab above for more details. Additionally, you will need to read chapter 16.5, the scout to appreciate this. I prepared our jar with a notebook, pen, and pencils, a cotton bulb, from an actual cotton crop, and our awesome AyJay added a special shell to the jar. Nevertheless, each ch8ser included her own note, and we did this at each pause, or break along the way. Read more about this in the geoCh8sing tab above, as well as in chapter 16.5.

Moving right along to the second waterfall another encounter with the tree is inevitable (story in ch.16.5). My tree hugging, loving, climbing friend gets us into all sorts of fun foolery, and I love it. Shortly after she is out of the tree, mother

AyJay vs The Tree

nature sends us a little liquid sunshine. It was just enough for us to pull out our poncho and let up the umbrellas. Just as before, as quickly as we dressed for the liquid sunshine, it stopped. Some of us barely got our rain gear on, before it ended.

As we walk towards the waterfall, she is immediately revealed. Now before we could see the last waterfall, we shared options with the ch8sers. AyJay and I had discovered a way to safely climb to the top of the waterfall. Keep in mind the terrain was wet and therefore slippery. The view at the base of the fall, from the bridge, and from the trail is spectacular and more than sufficient; however, the adventurers, daredevils, or even foolish of us chose the climb. If I remember correctly, there were fourteen or fifteen of us who took the climb. The view from the top, for me was worth the climb. To be literally in the fall was perfect. Remember, all of this goodness happened on 1.1.19. There are so many other ways we could have welcomed 2019, but by far, this was the best.

Here are some of those pics.

This video captured the ascent to the top of the waterfall. There is an actual calm at the top. It is the literal calm before the storm. In this case, the soothing storm of the falls crashing over the rocks. It is amazing. If but for the roar of the falls, you would not know you were at the top of such a powerful space, because of the immense calm at the top. If yo ever get the chance, go to the top.

The descent was as great as the ascent. Truth is we are our sisters keeper. No sister is ever left behind, and we take care of our own. After we made it to the base of the final fall, we had to have a group selfie. Let the foolery begin. Dynamic Deb here has had the selfie stick with the remote control and tripod sitting in her Amazon cart a few days before the ch8se, because she kept forgetting, and didn't think of it sooner. Knowing that it would not arrive in time for the January 1st ch8se, she didn't order it, but sure wish she had. Watch this.

Again, I love how the universe loves us back. I set the camera and the timer, as I have done sixteen chapters before, or recruited a photographer. Setting the timer means running into position and hoping to get three acceptable shots. I think I did that once this time, and say, dang, I wish I had my remote control, and low and behold, the Lovely Lynn says, mine has a remote control. Oh happy day!!! Yes, Lynn, Yess!!! I thought it, desired it, forgot it, and it was already done!!! I had a ball with that dang remote, and the rest of the ch8ses, ya'll it's on. Olan Mills ain't got nothing on Olan Lynn and Olan Deb. Come through Lynn, come through. Set up and snap!! I can't wait.

Ok, so we gotta work on positioning, but it is on!! No ch8sers were harmed in the making of this photo.

Remember the geoCh8sing. Now that you have read chapter 16.5, or you're just smart, you know what it is, or at least our version of it, right? Well, we did exactly what we said we would do. We left our very first geoCh8sing jar at Cochran Mill Falls. Below is a sneak peak of where it is. The geoCh8sing tab above has a few more pics for your geoCh8sing adventure. Should you venture to the park, we hope you find our jar and drop a note inside. Even more than a note, we hope it brings a smile to your day and encouragement your way.

There are intentional consistencies with ch8singwaterfalls, as there are a lot of unplanned treats along the way. Truth as designed, we had another amazing ch8se. We met new friends, learned new things, and traveled new terrain. Afterwards the majority of us concluded our ch8se at Golden Corral for lunch. We had a little bit of a wait; however, the fellowship shared with friends literally surpasses all time.

The lunch wait was worth it all.

Oh, and yeah, this ch8se champion had a lil happy new year, take away, treat for each of the eighteen ch8sers.

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We hope you enjoy our chapter 17 pics. This ch8se was wonderful in so many ways.