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The Fearless Four And The 2020 Ch8se Finale

New Years Eve, the final ch8se of the most unusual year ever did not disappoint, and was orchestrated and intentional, just as it should be. Mother Nature tried it though, yes, she did.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of universal intentions, and the universal orchestration of life. I know that everything under the sun happens for a reason, everything. Though we may not know it immediately, or when we think we should have the understanding, it is ultimately revealed to us, and up to us to do with what is so intended. I believe that there is a time and a place for everything. We all know this, right? I also know that, the energy you give, is that same energy you will receive. I am true to this and purpose to move accordingly.

All of that to amplify the fact that the fearless four, were at the right place at the right time, with the right intentions.

A little more of what got us here. December 31, 2017 was chapter 4 of ch8sing waterfalls. It was the fourth ch8se of our 1st year of ch8sing waterfalls. It was the second largest group of ch8sers we have ever had. Thirty-seven women showed up at the very same location where the fearless four were on December 31, 2020. The following years, I shifted to ch8se on the first day of the year; therefore, January 1, 2019, and January 1, 2020 we ch8sed. January 1, 2020, proved to be the largest group of ch8sers at thirty-nine.

Planning ch8se dates first aligns with the schedule of my life, secondly the location, then in random order, holidays, a lead or no lead, my dedicated ch8sers, the weather, and my after ch8se plans are all taken into consideration. Equipped with knowledge of all of this, I was torn between ch8sing on new years eve or new years day. The decision to ch8se on new years eve unfolded when my January 1, 2021 plans changed, and the weather projection for the first day of 2021 proved unfavorable. Now I had a location, a plan, and great intentions to ch8se on January 1, 2021, but my heart would not let me do it. The ch8se did not need me as much as I needed to follow the universal orchestrations of how I had to start 2021. Just know that proper alignment is everything, and 2021 will be amazing.

Packed and ready to ch8se, as with all ch8ses, the ch8sers RSVP that they are ch8sing; however, life happens, and the numbers planned are not always the numbers that actually ch8se. This day was not unusual. There were at least ten who RSVP'd, and several who verbally mentioned coming and bringing someone to join them. I packed accordingly, all prepared with gifts and goodies.

Now, I did realize a few things. Although I have it here on the website, finding the details of the ch8se proved challenging for some, and most ch8sers were off on new years day and not new years eve. Additionally, thanks to 2020, everything has shifted, and how we spend our holidays and with whom we spend it looks different for many understandable reasons.

Nevertheless, we came, we saw, and we conquered. Tiny in number, yet mighty. We were the fearless four. Mother Nature spitted in the beginning, began sprinkling along the way, and in true ch8se fashion, the rain escorted us to our vehicles at the end. Our ch8se was familiar and easy to navigate. The hike in itself was relatively easy to mild.

We carefully navigate the red trails. We pause at the openings along the way to enjoy the beauty of the space we are in. We share stories and experiences along the way. We capture selfies, and a group shot under the liquid sunshine.

This space, being the place of the first largest group, end of year ch8se, we had to revisit it, to leave all of 2020 behind. In 2017, we encouraged the ch8sers to grab a leaf at the beginning of the hike. The idea is to transfer anything, and all things we choose to leave behind into the leaf. Once we reach the end of the trail, over a spot that will carry our leaves and all that we transferred into them down the stream, we collectively gather. We silently transfer it all into the leaf, some of us had several leaves, we silently pray, and on the count of three, we release the leaves down the waterfall, and essentially walk away, leaving it all behind.

This ceremony has to be one of my absolute favorites. I will practice to do it every end and/or beginning of the year. Our ch8sers seem to enjoy the idea as well.

We find ourselves in a place of peace, and head back to our vehicles, having left it all behind, and having danced in the rain with Mother Nature. We successfully, and safely bring to end the final ch8se of 2020. It was short, sweet and without incident.

Prior to leaving one of the Sistas needed assistance with boosting her vehicle. She has a fancy ride which forced us to Google how to give her a jump. We activated our black girl magic, and got it done. Easy. No problem. Now we were at High Falls State Park, and as the two of us black women stood in the rain, attempting to jump start a vehicle, two of the state park vehicles drove right by us, men driving, and never stopped to offer assistance. I noticed it, and later discovered so did the Sista who had the car issue. I only mention this here, because of all the things 2020 brought, it was sad to see it in person on the final day of the year, by members of our National Park system. This was disappointing.

Nevertheless, we prevailed. I have a "Just in Case" bag in Choppa at all times. Choppa is my Jeep. She is packed with a lot of essential, just in case items. I recommend a car emergency bag for all of my Sistas. You never know when you may need it. Stay ready! Clearly, if we did not have it, we were not receiving help from the staff at the High Falls State Park.

Bye, bye 2020!!

Until we ch8se again, Love, Peace & Waterfalls.

Your Ch8se Champ, Deborah McGlawn aka Dynamic Deb


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