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Chapter 2 - Amicalola Falls (10.14.17) Ashes To Ashes

What an amazing experience. I will do my best here to re-create this adventure in a way which translates the magnitude of how truly phenomenal it was.

Just take a moment to look at the picture above. Do you see the melanin in those woods? Do you see the black girl magic? Do you notice the black girl healing? Wait, honey, do you see the remarkable super shero's, adorned in blue, covered in smiles, that sprinkled their GirlTrek glow throughout Amicalola Falls? Let me tell you, these 25 ladies were braved the steep incline, and the rough and rocky terrain to find themselves at the top of Amicalola Falls.

It had been sometime since I had visited Amicalola, and to my surprise, a boulder had taken out part of the trail, and the part I was familiar with, I honestly, could not find.

This will definitely be a ch8se do over.

We trekked through the woods, to ultimately rest at the top of the falls, where two of the ladies allowed us to honor their family during a personal memorial. The ladies, individually, brought the remains of their loved one, surrounded by the sisterhood, spoke lines of love about them, and sprinkled them into the eternal flow of the waterfalls. The moments shared with the two sisters during this time made the tryst through the woods worth it all, not to mention the sheer beauty of the natural waterfall itself.

Here is where the ch8ses became chapters. Each seems to write its own story, and unfolds its own magical healing. Chapter two, was the first time ch8singwaterfalls concluded with a meal. We culminated the adventure at the lodge located on the grounds of Amicalola. The place was packed; however, our arrival was expected, and welcomed without wait. The meal was buffet style and enjoyed by most.

Chapter two, with it's kinks, and off trail excursion, was a graduation from the first, with lessons earned to take to the next.

Stay tuned for more.........

Deborah McGlawn


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