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Ch.35-Black Girl Magic in The Mountains of Carolina.

I think I need to expand my vocabulary. I need a new word besides epic to describe our ch8se adventures. I need to commit to a word that personifies what it is to #embr8cethech8se, to go #ch8singwaterfalls, #oneadventureatatime. I know there are other adjectives such as amazing, , outstanding, powerful, spectacular, exciting, and so many more; however, I am always drawn to epic.

Let's see why.

Epic means that something is awesome, great, unforgettable. But only when used as slang.

Epic is:

  • a long narrative poem in elevated style recounting the deeds of a legendary hero, esp. one originating in oral folk tradition

  • the genre of epic poetry

  • an episode in the lives of men in which heroic deeds are performed or attempted


  • denoting, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics

  • of heroic or impressive proportions

Ok, there you have it. Epic it was, epic it is.

Chapter 35 was a narrative poem recounting in elevated style the deeds of a legendary hero. Keep reading, you will see. This ch8se had heroic deeds for its subject matter. Yep, it had that too. This embr8ce was an episode in the lives of women in which heroic deeds were attempted and performed. You'll see, just keep reading. Of heroic or impressive proportions, all that!! Yep, epic it was, epic it is.

Now typically this ch8se champion scouts the location before she leads a group; however, as life would have it, she/me/I was unable to do so. I forewarned the ch8sers, and like tried and true ch8sers they stay ready and don't have to get ready. We were eager for the challenge, to embr8ce the ch8se. We charged our batteries, packed our lunches, gassed up and headed to the mountains of North Carolina.

Yo' T-Mobile and Google maps did not want me to be great. With directions loaded, and ready, like always, I found myself in one section of the map and the nav indicator just sitting still. Needless to say, we were on the way to being lost. Thanks to Renee and her signal for saving that moment.

We successfully make our way to the first location. We arrive at Whitewater Falls where we find ourselves in a paved parking lot with facilities and paid parking. The space opens up to a paved walk way which leads us up an incline to a spectacular view of one of the most amazing waterfalls. We spend time at the top of the overlook, and down a few stairs to the platform. The barage of selfies commence as we pause to embr8ce the ch8se.

The overlook splits on either side affording the adventurers the opportunity to explore the space. The trailhead we planned to forge was closed forcing us to venture down the platform, descending more than two dozen stairs into a very rugged terrain worthy of hiking boots and hiking poles. The stairs proved more challenging than several ladies felt comfortable with, so they held down the platform and enjoyed the space together, while the other half of us accepted the challenge and continued on. To path to get to this waterfall was relatively easy, with just a slight incline to the platform. It was on the trail that we earned our embr8ce, after the waterfall. This was definitely a mild to moderate level trail.

The trail called for.a few breaks along the way for us to catch our breath, regroup, hydrate, and call on our ancestors for a lil push. During one of the breaks, our Testimonial Tee loss her handle on Ms. Moses. Now to appreciate this moment in time, you have to allow me to introduce to Ms. Moses. We all either have the metal hiking poles, or the wooden hiking sticks. Ms. Moses is Testimonial Tee's, wooden, walking stick. They have a special bond, and I know it. You see, you don't give a stic a name, especially not a bold and poweful name like Ms. Moses, if it were not special to you. When Tee lost her grip, and Ms. Moses went sliding down the hill, an inner super power, or foolishness personified, had me on a rescue mission to save Ms. Moses. Yep, I told you heroism was involved in this ch8se. I told you it was epic. Keep reading.

I could see Ms. Moses, and knew two things, one, I had to go down on my butt and hands to be safe, and two, my Sistas literally had my back. You see Ms. Moses had to be rescued. This was a pretty big incline, with roots, branches, and a large tree to stop me from sliding over. Yep, I was really doing it. In my mind, all I could hear is you got this, and I've got you. I could hear my lil angel baby reassuring me that I would be ok. By now, I have her, I have reached Ms. Moses, and she is in my hand. Now to make it back up hill, on my butt, using my hands and feet to crawl, backwards, with my backpack still on, up the hill. Ok, now I'm struggling a bit to secure a good footing that will allow me to push myself up. The ground is shifting, and I need both hands. I pass Ms. Moses to her Mama, and Ms. Moses decides she ain't ready, so she slides downhill, again. This time, she slides beyond that safety tree. She slides closer to the ledge. Well now, crap. Look nah Ms. Moses!

I hear Tee saying her goodbyes to Ms. Moses. And here I go again. I inch down to see if I can see where Ms. Moses had landed. I see her, and I could see my way down. There were branches and roots to help me out. Holding on to branches and bracing myself on the roots, I snatch Ms. Moses and wrap her safety strap around my hand. She had slid her last time today! By now this ch8se champions adrenaline is subsiding and concern is trying to creap in. My arms are wobbly, cause this upper body strength needs some help, my heart is racing, and I'm overheating. I had a wrap on my head, and I could feel that it and my head were drenched. Ya'll I was really working through some stuff on that hillside. Honey, Ms. Moses is a part of the ch8se, she's a sista, and falls right into the no sista left behind category. Nevertheless, a few more pushes, deep breaths, and the last few pieces of nerves and I am back at the top with my ch8se crew, including Ms. Moses back in her mother's hand.

The trail we chose is essentially out and back. We were going to turn around at the end and go back the way we came; however, the trail lead us out to the road. Thank you universal goodness for leading the way. We agreed that conquering the trail once, was sufficient. We did not have to go back the way we came. We were extremely close to our vehicles with far less effort. We went out to the street, and back to the place where we started. Everyone safe and sound.

Two of us go to the platform where the other ladies are to bring them back to the group. While doing so, the other ladies grab a spot in the lawn and set up for lunch. Lunch is where we get to share, to bond, and to expound on the ch8se embr8ce. During lunch we share our take away from the morning, and share our feels. Beyond the beauty of the waterfalls, this is my favorite part of the embr8ce. We share the importance of sisterhood and friendship. We speak of how necessary it is to embr8ce the ch8se and spend quality time in nature amongst like minded sistas.

When was the last time you sat and had lunch on the grass? And when have you ever laid in the grass and captured such a beautiful pic like my Lovely Lynn did? Absolutely gorgeous.

We share how the embr8ce helps energize us for the week ahead. We talk about the magic of the adventure and how we look forward to the next ch8se even before we end the present ch8se. It is somewhere in this conversation that Marionette reveals that there is another waterfall nearby. Well of course this group of adventurous are all in for the challenge. With excitement of the next waterfall being thirty minutes away, we load up and head out.

Here we are again, me and Google maps. We fight, Google is winning and in control. I am now leading us well beyond the thirty minute drive. Google maps is stuck in purgatory and we are driving blindly. After far too many minutes of uncertainty, I pull over and let Marionette take the lead. By now, she said she had been flashing her lights and blowing trying to get my attention. Of course, I was too distracted by trying to catch a signal, I missed all of her efforts to stop the shenanigans. Fortunately she had a good signal and got us back on track. I was reminded of how the Waze was more reliable. We will definitely waze our way to the next ch8se. Maybe this is where I buy an actual navigator instead of relying on T-Maybe for directions. Now there's a thought.

We arrive to the lot and parking is creative, and just enough for us to get in where we fit in. We get it together and strike out onto the trail. We navigate our way through the magnificence of the fall foliage and land at the base of Station Cove Falls. After leading us on an unnecessary, off-track escapade, I was hopeful that this space would afford us the opportunity to get close to the waterfall, and possibly into the pool. This space did not disappoint. Over the roots, onto the stones, beyond the bush and into the pool beneath the waterfall we go. We exhaled, and embr8ced the ch8se. This bonus spot was well worth the thirty-minutes, turned hour drive. We were fortunate enough to acquire the assistance of another adventurer to snap our pic. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Listen, choose to #Embr8ceTheCh8se with us. Take a look at these pics to see why.

Until we ch8se again, stay safe, strong, healthy and at peace! Ya'll we have a new president & HERstory making vice-president!! The prayers of the righteous availeth much! The blood of ancestors was not in vain. The power of our unity acknowledged, our voices, and our votes mattered, to birth this new day! What a day to celebrate. Yes!!!

Love, Peace & Waterfalls Fam.

Your Ch8se Champion, Dynamic Deb, aka Deborah McGlawn


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