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So Much Is Happening.....

Hey Ch8se family, we are growing and there are many moving parts. As we continue to grow, I invite you to invite your friends to join us in our initiative to expand our reach. Help us increase diversity outdoors, and foster inclusion.

Our next ch8se is Saturday, April 17th. The deets for this ch8se are here. We hope you can join us. On the 17th, we are partnering with Merrell. Join us for the scavenger hunt:

On this same day, we will also be partnering with Tuesday for Trash for a virtual, world wide imitative to #DontPassTheTrash. We will have trash bags and gloves to help spruce up the trails during our hike.

We hope you can join us for this unique ch8se embr8ce.

Stay tuned for more ch8sing waterfalls news.


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