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Snow & Grace

The first ch8se of 2021 was led by Roderick Cummings, aka, Chef Rod, again. When I tell you, if I ever say Cef Rod is leading a ch8se, do not miss it. We were seven cars, and seventeen ch8sers. January 16, 2021, we hiked Brasstown, Sids, and Reedy Falls.

Here is how it began. This ch8se champ planned to meet at a visitors center, that surprisingly was closed, no worries, we detoured to the BP down the street. Before we left the visitors center, It started snowing. By the time we reached the BP, the snow was really coming down. It was absolutely beautiful. We did our normal ch8se choices, and utilized the facilities. One of the ch8sers reminded us of the Powerball, so each of us stood in line to purchase our winning tickets. It was while we stood in line that I saw my angel numbers 444. Now they were attached to something I will never buy, and will remain nameless, yet, my angel numbers were present, in that one place, positioned just for me to see.

We load up and begin the second leg of our journey, following our lead, Chef Rod, we reach our first location and it is Brasstown Falls.

Brasstown took us over the river and through the woods, literally. We encountered the truth to hiking. We have had some moderate trails; however, today, was the truth. We needed hiking poles and sticks. We needed assistance in spots, and were beyond grateful that Rod, Mr. Griff, and Mr. Tim joined us. We needed their strength and their help many times along the hike. Over the river, and through the woods we hiked, no lie. Brasstown made us work for her beauty. She had three layers to her, and we went to the base to appreciate them all. It was so well worth it.

We did the butt slide, the bear crawl, and moved safely, in slo mo up and down the mountain.

We have now gathered ourselves, and made it back to our vehicles. Our friend Felicia, brought her two amazing young adults, Tyler and Sierra. They were a bonus addition to the ch8se, a breath of fresh air. All loaded and on the road again, headed to Sids fall. Keep in mind now we are seven cars, seventeen ch8sers, it is snowing, it is the first ch8se of 2021, and we are headed to the second waterfall, after seeing my angel numbers 444.

Sids falls, like it's kin folk, Brasstown Falls, made us work even harder for her beauty. Yep, all waterfalls are female. They are beautiful, unstoppable, breathtaking, a force to be reckoned with, amazing, powerful, and undeniably awesome. If that's not female, then check yo'self, cause that's female all day. Ok, back to my story. Ya'll Sids Falls was at the end of a logging trail, that narrowed and sank into a big descent. We were literally going down the steep mountain, with our toes at the top of our boots. Thank goodness for the roots, and the low hanging branches that helped us down the mountainside. The trail was like a funnel, as our friend Tim mentioned, and how we poured out at the end was still to be seen.

Successfully, and safely we make it to the base of another spectacular waterfall. All of the work and toe mashing decline was once more, well worth the effort. We thought Minnehaha was grandiose, ha, this one had to be one of the most spectacular falls to date. Each of us embr8ced the ch8e. We paused, of course, for selfies, and group shots. We inhaled the air, opened our hearts to the sounds, and poured ourselves into the beauty of the space. At one point, my heart fluttered watching the young adults embr8ce the ch8se as they found their space under the foliage, in front of the flow, where they just sat quietly and received. This was one of the most beautiful moments of the day.

It was here, after my endless selfies, and photos, that I paused. I chose to look up. I decided to stop encouraging, stop with the selfies, and the photos, and take a lead from the young adults. I stopped and embr8ced this space of the ch8se. I found myself, outside of myself, and it hit me. We were at Sids Falls, the universe had given me several signs, and it hit me like a bag of feathers. They are not spelled alike, they do not mean the same thing, but the sound alike. Stick with me here. Sids, and SIDS. Sids falls, our location, and SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, is what took our angel girl home. Sit with that for a moment.

Not the same, not the same meaning, but to me, in that moment, both meaningful in their own right. How ironic my angel girl, would reveal this to me, and force me to pause to acknowledge her once more. Know that it is okay if this does not make sense to you, nor resonate with you, respectfully, it really is ok, this ain't for you anyway, it was all for me. I just chose to share it with you, my friends. Remember, I saw her angel numbers earlier. Each time I see 444, there is always a message. I don't always get the message associated with seeing my angel numbers, but when I do, and it is in the midst of a ch8se, I find it share worthy.

It is in the small details, that magnify my healing, which strengthens my growth, and in turn allows me to share my shine, while encouraging the healing of others. The ch8se is for me, yet it is by us, and it has purpose. The unsuspecting snow, the numbers, the waterfall, the relation, are all universal intentions. I am so glad I didn't miss it. But wait, it doesn't end here.

Once again, we are back in our vehicles headed to the third and final waterfall. Arriving at Reedy Falls, we are hungry, and a little tired. We had driven two hours, hiked, for what seemed like four hours, and had yet another waterfall to explore. This one, was best kept for last. It was literally a short walk from our vehicles to her beauty. Perfectly positioned as the last location, as we needed something lightweight at this point.

Exploration, selfies, photos, they all unfold; however, almost immediately a fellow lover of waterfalls, volunteers to take our picture. I hand over my phone and she captures our group shot. We began talking, and I learn she is Mindy Karp, a Lawyer from Johnson City, TN. Keep reading. On the hike to the Reedy Falls, AyJay, and I were talking, and it had not been more than thirty minutes after I had just told her I would love for us to ch8se in Johnson City, TN. There is a story behind that location, but it is not for this blog. Nevertheless, I had literally spoke this out of my mouth. Keep reading.

I tell Mindy who we are, what our mission is and what our intentions are. She tells me the same. Are you ready for this? She is Blue Ridge Adventures. She takes women out on hikes, and adventures. She tells me of another friend of hers who takes groups out on waterfall hikes. Thank you universe. Keep it coming universe. I receive. Listen, we keep talking and it was at the end of the conversation that she tells me she is in Johnson City, didn't I just tell ya'll, that I had just had the conversation about that area? She went further to say we should connect, and do a hike in Johnson City, TN. Do you know that when she said that, I almost lost it. I thought to myself dang Ms. Universe, you fast.

I so look forward to our connection, you have no idea. I mean, I just pushed it out of my heart, out of my mouth, into the universe's ears, to Mindy's heart, to the desires of my heart manifesting. This is bound to be a beautiful collabo. Come through universe, come through. You better believe, Mindy and I will be good friends soon. Hey Mindy, heyyyy!!

That was not all. Yes, there is more. Rod leads us to this place where we can sit under a pavilion outdoors and have lunch. Remember I told you it snowed? It was thirty-four degrees, the idea of having lunch outside, quickly changed gears. We ended up sitting in the parking lot together, having lunch in our cars. Hey, whatever works, we just needed to eat. I told you before, we are hella spontaneous. Rod has to leave, and we are left to fend for ourselves getting back home. I have an external gps/navigation system. It has proven to be better than the phone, which looses signal.

After lunch, we follow the directions of this navigation system. Ya'll it takes us down three roads, that surely was taking us to Ma and Pa nem's house. We were on roads, that don't really qualify to be roads. They were slap in the middle of a rural residential area. There were pot holes in one road the size of my tire laid on its side. I was cursing and fussing at the nav system so fiercely, cause I could not understand why the hell we were being routed down this country ass, rural ass, uninviting as road out of no where. I could not understand why in all the hell we had to take this route. I know that I am directionally challenged, and probably rely to heavily on nav systems, but hey, that's my business, as Tabitha Brown says, and I do okay, except when I have six cars load of ch8sers I am responsible for, and simply trying to lead home.

After we escaped the detour disaster, we make it to the main road. I am mortified. Here I am trying to lead and mucking it up, once again. Again, this is my truth, I know it, I accept it. It is what it is. Of course, I don't do it on purpose, this shit just manages to happen far often that it ever should. Ok, back to where I was. We are on the main road, and I dial the group to both explain and apologize. I had no answers. I think by now, they just expect me to get us lost, or exploring unnecessarily. In my defense, it is never completely my fault. Either I loose a signal, which is ninety-five percent of the time, or the nav, like today, gets a wild hair and leads us down a narrow, rural road.

After I hang up from the group call, immediately, the time rolls to 4:44. I'm done!!

I snap a pic of the time, and at that moment, knew immediately that that detour was ordained. It was intentional. It was necessary. I have no idea, and don't ever have to know what that detour saved us from, what my angel girl saved us from, because, babbbyyyy, when I tell you it was random, and unexplainable, it was all that and then some, until I saw the time. I knew then it was a universal orchestration beyond my comprehension.

Twenty-Twenty One has got me doing cartwheels, I can't even do. It already has me in awe of the goodness that is purposed to unfold. 2021 is on track to being one of the most successful, most amazing years of ch8sing waterfalls. I see it. I believe it. I receive it. Say it with me now, I see it. I believe it. I receive it. Yessss!! Thank you. Now let's get ready as we watch it manifest.

Each ch8sers make it home safely, and the photo share begins. There were quite a few firsts on this ch8e, the first ch8se of 2021. It was one of the first time we saw signs and numbers that immediately proved meaningful, that I remember right now. Today was the first time we have ever ch8sed in the snow. Epic!!! Today was the first time we visited Brasstown Falls, Sids Falls and Reedy Falls. Today was the first time we encountered strenuous level hiking. Truthfully, there were other firsts, but here approaches the end. I have literally written this blog, in its entirety, January 16, 2021, the night of this magnanimous ch8se, and it is now 10:05 p.m. I simply have to add pics to it, that's typically what takes the most time. This was a first. I am exhausted, and I think you get the picture, if not, here are a few from the days adventure.

Until we c8se again, on 2/13/21, Love, Peace & Waterfalls,

Your Ch8se Champ, Deborah McGlawn


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