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Did You Know

...that Ch8sing Waterfalls participated in the 2021 Women's Trailfest by Collectively Outside, ran by the amazing Erin Jobe? Did you know that two of our ch8sers participated in the weekend events, while two of our ch8se champions lead hikes and our ch8se champ was one of the panelists?

Oh, you didn't know? Hold on, let us tell you about the amazing experience we had in Clayton, GA.

Women’s Trailfest 2021 was not just an event it was an experience! It was a celebration of amazing, brave and strong women who are passionate about the outdoors.

Wander North GA in their new location was the perfect venue and host to kickstart the festivities. Located in the quaint little town of Clayton, GA, Trailfest 2021 took us to Black Rock Mountain State Park, Warwoman Dell Trail, Becky Branch Falls and the Clayton Civic Center.

It was moving to see the many brown faces on the trails, and engaging in workshops and panel discussions. Women from varying backgrounds, fitness levels, ethnicities, and orientation, gathered, shared, welcomed, and inspired each other! Some walked, some hiked, some ran, all the while enjoying the beautiful day. I noticed new friendships forged and lasting relationships birthed. Erin Jobe, founder of Collectively Outside, thank you for the inclusion and diversity.

Cabin 7 @ Black Rock Mountains housed and accommodated 7 enthusiastic Chasers! Aww…the memories, the laughter and the sunrise views we shared were nothing short of amazing! Of course we were thrilled to be there to support our creative and founder of Ch8sing Waterfalls (who stole the show as a panel speaker but I may be a tad biased). And Mirna Valerio, aka The Mirnavator’s inspirational keynote speech was icing with whip cream AND cherries! The highlights of Mirna’s speech reminded me that we have to take strides to make self-care a priority even if it means trying something different!

Ch8singwaterfalls showed up and shared the Shine! I am humbled and honored to be aligned with this group that seeks to be seen and heard as we forge ahead to diversify the outdoors, change the narrative about the outdoors for black and brown people, one adventure at a time.

Blog by ch8ser and guest blogger, Camille Prawl-Pettway.


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