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Cleanup at Bomax Ranch And Retreat

Written by The “Matching Besties” Y’all Know Who We Are!

Remarkable Rocket Rhonda, Devine Deborah & Jovial Janice

It never fails that our adventures seem to always start before we get to the event. It goes a little sumtin’ like this…

Rhonda: Did you ladies register for the cleanup?

Janice: What registration? Was I supposed to register??? Did I forget something?

Deborah: I registered; now who’s driving?

Janice: Hun said that I could drive his truck! …Five minutes into the drive:

Janice: We stoppin’ for breakfast?

Rhonda: Hell! We just got in the truck! BoMax Ranch and Retreat, Here we come!

Janice: We gotta have matching gloves (my opportunity for breakfast lol)

20 East Bound with a 9:08 arrival time to meet and greet our fellow Ch8sers.

Who would have thought that a Creekside Cleanup Day would have involved such heartfelt laughter, SisStarhood-fellowship, fun and HARD WORK? Did we say hard work… yeah! Because in our minds we thought that we signed up to “cleanup” debris, you know “light” debris. But to our surprise there was “Work-Work” to be done. Hell! We thought that we were going to be posing and taking pictures, refreshing our LIPSTICK and occasionally picking up debris around the property. It was cold and a lotta hard-work.

Oh Yeah! Junetta O’Neal, Owner and Queen and Mr. Willie, the Foreman and Chief Officer (you know, the one who underestimated the Power-of-the-Ch8sers) gathered us together to instruct us on our assignments. We quickly learned that we would be clearing the land and tearing down old structures like a deer stand – You got it – Manual Labor!

It started off with us walking over a mile to the location that followed with the distribution of several power tools, which included; chainsaws, electric blowers, loppers (Lobsters), weed-eaters and of course, the old faithful rake! Although, MOST of us proved to be quick learners, it must be said that, next time Mr. Willie and Junetta, might wanna request proof that we can “actually” handle a power-tool; or at least confirm all waivers were signed and returned.

Power-Tools in hand! Let the work begin!

What an amazing sight to see the Ch8sers working together with “tools-in-hand” for the beautification of the black woman-owned, 53-acre campground known as BoMax Ranch and Retreat. No matter which direction you looked, you would see a Ch8ser, raking relentlessly clearing leaves, clipping and pruning branches, carrying loads of fallen tree limbs to the tractor, chopping up wood with the chainsaw, and blowing leaves.

Talk about a before and after. The Ch8sers left the area well-groomed and well on its way to becoming the perfect outdoor space to relax and meditate. As the saying goes “If you didn’t know, now you know” that volunteering is also a core component of who we are as Ch8ers. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve at BoMax Ranch and Retreat and look forward to others in the future.

NEVER doubt that a small group of devoted, determined, and dedicated Ch8sers can change the world (or at least the BoMax Ranch and Retreat site).

Thoughts from Lovely Lynn, Queen Champion of Ch8sers

Saturday SHEnanigans took me back to BoMax Ranch and Retreat with part of my Tried & True Ch8se Crew of Ch8sing Waterfalls to assist our sisStar Junetta O’Neal owner of this sacred outdoor space in preparing part of the land for more amazing events!

Mr. Willie aka foreman/chief operating officer was NOT ready! He doubted our skill set and our ability to get the job done, but in true Ch8ser fashion we showed up and showed out! Not only did we understand the assignment but completed it in record time saving him a month’s worth of work (his assessment not ours)!

After a quick lesson on power tools, we went to work and got it done! When you call us, we will come, but be prepared for countless picture taking, laughs and oh yes hard work. We show up looking pretty but don’t mind getting down and dirty!

Thank you Junetta for the opportunity to give back and join you on this journey!

We Ch8se and volunteer!

Thank you, Deborah McGlawn, for your vision! 💙

Our Lovely Lynn also captured this "you had to be there" video. I was unable to join the ladies and experience all of this goodness; however, I am forever grateful for these amazing women who continually practice self-care. I am thankful for their dedication to Ch8sing Waterfalls, their commitment to community and their forever friendship. ~ Deborah McGlawn

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Tee Flemons
Tee Flemons
16 nov. 2021

Well-Written! No one can say them Ch8sers don't work or play well together 🤣 The Commitment to "starting something" Impressive lol!

Deborah McGlawn
Deborah McGlawn
02 jan. 2022


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