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Chapter 9 - (5.20.18) - DeSoto Falls - The Split

Ch8singWaterfalls Forever!!!

The more I ch8sewaterfalls, the more I discover. The more I ch8sewaterfalls, the more I become. The more I ch8sewaterfalls, the more I receive. The more I ch8sewaterfalls, the more I have to give.

I am sure that by now, I should be use to the thrill of the excitement. I should be accustomed to the adventure. Perhaps, even I should no longer surprised, or in awe of the beauty of it all; however, it never fails, that each and every time we ch8sewaterfalls, something new, something exciting, something rewarding, healing, provoking, and spectacular leaves an impression on my life, as well as those in the ch8se.

You see, each ch8ser individually, and collectively create the chapters of each adventure. Each one brings their own unique spice, their own flavor, and an individuality that makes this Sisterhood of ch8sers special. I don't know about you; however, I believe an personal infatuation, an individual addiction of the ch8se has become infectious, and I love it. There is nothing, absolutely nothing like being in nature with a squad of fearless, badass women, eager for adventure. And this my friends, is the undeniable truth and legacy of each ch8se.

Chapter nine took us to DeSoto falls, where we had the pleasure of trekking through a camp ground, to a fork in the path. To the left of us and to the right of the entrance were paths which led us to two spectacular waterfalls. Chapter nine welcomed three new ch8sers to the experience. New ch8sers are truly my favorite. New ch8sers who have never seen a live waterfall are my favorite, favorite. To experience a first with a new ch8ser is as rewarding as a kid opening their gift on a birthday, or a loved one receiving that gift they had prayed so hard for. Experiencing a first with new ch8sers is the greatest rewards of a ch8se. Though I do not remember whether these three ladies had ever seen a live waterfall, I do know that it was an experience that one had been wanting for some time.

The three brought color, and they brought calm. They each brought perspective, and personality. I found each to be a welcoming presence to chapter nine. Now let me tell you about this one Sista, ya'll she had us cracking up in the woods of north Georgia. She is a natural joy. This sister shared her story of healing and how laughter helped her overcome the hurt. This sister, like so many of us has a story, a testimony that is powerful enough to change the narrative of other sisters just like her. She took us on an emotional roller coaster of life. She had us in awe one moment, and drove us straight to laughter in another. From the Ben Wa balls, to snakes, this sister kept us engaged.

We found ourselves at lunch at Fatz restaurant near the waterfall. Now, I did not call ahead, no reason, I just didn't, here I sorta dropped the ball. We were all seated together, with the exception of the last table, which was mine. Our waitress, bless her heart, was clearly overwhelmed, our food came out after everyone else had eaten, and was ready to go. We had entertained several patrons of the restaurant who were enamored by our GirlTrek Glow, our Super Shero Blue and our magical melanin. We had so many conversations and such good interaction, that somewhere along the line, we failed to realize how long it had been, or at least, I did.

The manager realized the their error, took care of the orders of our table, and apologized for the experience. We got desert, accepted his gesture, reflected on the time we shared, and left with the same positive attitudes as we had begun the lunch with.

Before I close this chapter, let me just say, ya'll I'm nosey, very inquisitive, which some may say, but basically, I want to know what, when, who and how. I want in on all of the conversations. I want to learn, I want to share, to receive, and to grow. The after ch8se meals, and even the ch8se adventures themselves, affords me the ability to do all of that. This time, was a little different, not that I didn't get all of that, this time, but because we were set apart in a different area of the restaurant, we missed out on the collective conversations, and instead enjoyed the company of the four of us at our table. I was among friends who had been friends for nearly half of their lives, who gave me a greater perspective of friendship. I learned more about character and the relationships, and so much more.

As you read this, and see that it may be scattered and all over the place, find within the lines the depth of it all. Find the excitement, the sisterhood, the kindred hearts. Within it all, find the passion, and the healing, the love and the trust. And within it all, find your place, the peace, and the power of it all. The chapters of the ch8se are filled with so much more than the ch8se. Each is filled with life. Come ch8se and live it for yourself.

Until we ch8se again.

Stay tuned for the next chapter..

Deborah McGlawn


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