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Chapter 8.5 - DeSoto Falls - The Scouts (5.7.18)

Once upon a time, there was a ch8se scheduled to a waterfall that had not been traveled by the ch8se lead nor anyone in her ch8se circle. Prior to taking a group of adventurers into the woods on a ch8se to the unknown, a pre-ch8se, recon mission was required. After all, someone had to experience the new route in order to lead a successful ch8se.

Leave it to Dynamic Deb and Awesome AyJay to be the chosen ones to explore the unch8sed woods, which would author chapter 9 of the ch8sing waterfalls series. The two met up at the normal, ch8se rendezvous location, and took the hour and a half road trip up north Georgia, to DeSoto falls.

Now, despite all efforts to encourage the scout who was not feeling quite herself, to cancel the ch8se until she felt better, the stubborn self took over and the adventure ensued. It was crystal clear, that this adventurer was not herself; however, she knew no quit. We will leave you to determine which of the two was not quite herself, and ultimately, and unintentionally, shared her cooties with the other, during the three hour commute.

The air was crisp, and the drive was pleasant and afforded the two an opportunity to brainstorm over many GirlTrek ideas for the new season. The beginning of the ch8se took them through the campgrounds, which almost gave the feel of being in the wrong place; however, opened to a bridge crossing a small stream leading to the beautiful falls on either side of the trail.

After exploring DeSoto falls, the two ventured to Helton Creek Falls. Helton Creek Falls is absolutely stunning, breathtakingly fabulous, and well worth the effort she requires to witness her beauty. Helton is spectacular; however, I will not see her again, nor will the ch8se adventurers, unless we all have a trucks. Ya'll we started out on a paved road, meandered through a residential space, and ended up on a gravel road. The two mile drive seemed endless and wrecked every nerve one of us owned. You see, there would have been nothing one of us could have said to adequately explain to anyone who may have had to rescue us from that space.

Ultimately, I will add additional pictures to the gallery to illuminate all of the fun, and the magic that happens on these ch8ses.

Stay tuned.....

Until we ch8se again.



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