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Chapter 6 - (2.18.18) Ruby Falls & Rock City Let Love Live

The first out of state (GA) ch8se happened in our neighboring city of Chattanooga, TN. There were 18 fearless women who took the road trip to Tennessee for an exciting, double dip, dynamic day. The trip, as planned, led us to two of the main tourist attractions in Chattanooga.

The weather had predictions of rain; which never cancels a ch8se, it simply has the potential to alter the day’s agenda. In this case, we were prepared for whatever Mother Nature would throw our way. We dressed in layers, including rain gear, and cold weather wear. As we reached our destination, the weather was cold, yet nice and crisp, welcomed by all. Oh, destination, right, this day was not only a first outing outside of GA, it was also a first ch8se we would do two waterfalls in one day.

A two-for, that’s what this was. We took our adventures to both Rock City and Ruby Falls. The weather determined our itinerary. We decided to visit Rock City first, as it was completely outdoors, and if it were going to rain, we chose to visit the outdoor location first, and allow the rain to carry on, while we were miles underground in Ruby Falls.

Visiting Rock City was a first for I believe, all of us. I’ve been to Ruby Falls a number of times, and never visited Rock City. I was amazed at the beauty of the area. The rock formations, the beautiful landscape, the magnificent rock formations, and the spectacular views. I began to say, I wonder why I never visited Rock City, and then it hit me. I never went, because it just did not sound appealing, attractive, or of any interest to me at all. Wasn’t I sadly mistaken, and utterly incorrect. This place is beautiful, absolutely remarkable.

To my surprise, there were so many hidden gems, so much to see, and so much to do, that we literally could have stayed there for the entirety of the trip. There is an area where there is a suspension bridge, and what a time we had there. Once again, there were ladies who crossed that bridge, despite their fear of heights, with their sisters literally holding their hands, walking both in front and behind them for courage and support. There were surreal moments of genuine reflection and appreciation of the magic around us, as we unfolded memories and magic of our own.

After the bridge, the sights, souvenirs, and the funnel cake, we made our way to the spectacular waterfall, which fell from underneath the lovers leap, lookout. The waterfall proved as majestic as it appeared in the pictures, I had researched prior to the trip. It did not disappoint. There was a moment when the perfect shot could only be captured with the waterfall behind the group, with someone taking it from another side of the mountain, literally. Now as dramatic and dynamic as it sounds, it was, truly, just a few steps, through a passage, and over to the next ledge. Well, in steps Mary Lou, and the perfect picture is captured by a total stranger, who she returned the favor to, of course. He wanted a pic of his family, and we wanted a pic of our family, so we each got what we wanted. Countless selfies, groupies, and pictures in general happened at Rock City. I foresee a repeat visit, on the ch8se schedule.

We came, we saw, and we strolled, rather drove ourselves over to Ruby Falls. After such an exciting adventure at Rock City, we could have called it a day; however, we came with a plan, and not even the weather would deter us from it. A one mile, or so, drive and we find ourselves at the parking lot of Ruby Falls. If you’ve ever been to Ruby Falls, you know that there is an elevator ride to take you underground, through passages and tunnels until you ultimately reach the Ruby Falls. You are also aware that there is a tour guide who leads you along sharing the history and the beauty of the falls. We had good ole’ Stuart. We are very sure that we were the most unique group of women he had toured in a very long time. Stuart was quirky, and likely had been doing his job for all of my adult life. He was entertaining, and comical, and in some instances was near to going a bit too far in his language and dry humor. Nevertless, I’m sure, he will never forget us, and would jump to have us again if the choice was his.

The walk to the fall, was very much like every other adventure with this magnificent group of women, filled with countless pictures, group shots, individuals, and an outlandish number of selfies. Surprisingly, though I’ve been to Ruby Falls, three or four times now, each time is as if it were the first time. Upon approaching the fall, the theatrical lights come on and unveil the most beautiful sight of Ruby Falls herself. I screamed in delight, very much similar to that of a kid on Christmas day. The beauty of that place just never gets old to me. I would just like a grand entrance directly to the falls, and an opportunity to hang out there a little longer. By the time we capture the group selfies, individual selfies, posed shots, and so forth, it’s time to go, and the time to truly enjoy her majesty has passed quickly.

We made it up and out of the cave and landed in the gift shop, of course. We also took time to visit the top of Ruby Falls, where there was a lookout tour that gave a spectacular view of the downtown area. More selfies, and group shots, then we headed over to Café 1885.

Once there, the fellowship, the friendship, and the culmination of the event with a meal ensued. Concluding a ch8se with a meal did not happen until chapter 2, and let me tell you, we will never do a ch8se without there being a brunch or a lunch. The meal was good, yet the company was great. Of course, all eyes were on us, and even the little kids wanted to know “who we were, and where we come from.” So we told them all, who we were, and where we come from. I must say we took one of the best pics at this spot.

As we exited the, what was now, dinner spot, the clouds opened up, as promised by the forecasted weather. It was perfect, as with most ch8ses, the rain tends to pause until we are finished. Thank you Lord for always holding your liquid sunshine until we are done. Though perfect for the ch8se, it was truly horrible to drive in. Oh, and one of us was trying to hurry home to catch the all anticipated, Black Panther movie with her family. Needless to say, she was about thirty minutes late to the movie, but she made it.

The double dipped, dynamic day was so amazing, and so full. Each ch8se evolves into its own chapter here, and tells from one person’s perspective. Can you imagine how much more fulfilling the experience is from varying perspectives, and even greater, how fulfilling it is to experience personally? These ch8ses are powered by the phenomenal women of GirlTrek, and invite you to join us, after you too have taken the GirlTrek pledge, and join the movement that is a healthy lifestyle.

Until we ch8se again, stay tuned…….

Deborah McGlawn

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Rachel G
Rachel G
May 30, 2022

Thhank you for writing this

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