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Chapter 13 - 9.22.18 - Anna Ruby Falls Repeat - The Anniversary Ch8se

#Ch8singWaterfalls 1 Yr Anniversary Ch8se

Happy Anniversary to US!!

9.22.18 authored chapter thirteen of ch8sing waterfalls, and the one year anniversary of the inception, of the GirlTrek, waterfall ch8sing. By now you have read my initial blog, which gives you a glimpse into the beginning of ch8singwaterfalls. Perhaps you have read the first twelve chapters, and you too are in love with the ch8se or are falling in love with this movement within the movement.

We have written thirteen chapters; however, we have visited fifteen different waterfalls, revisited three and changed the narrative of women who look like me, all connected by the same passions and adventure. We have forged beyond the norm, and changed the footprint of both the north Georgia mountains, Ruby Falls and High Falls of Rock City, in Tennessee.

Where have we ch8sed? I'm glad you asked. Check it out, our map lives here: As of September 24, 2017, we have visited 15 different waterfalls, and revisited three of them in a thirteen month period. Each time, except for the first ch8se, we have concluded each ch8se with lunch. Here is what that looked like:

Chapter 1 - Roswell Mill @ Vickery Creek (17 Ch8sers) No lunch. I didn't know what I was doing, or what I had started.

Chapter 2 - Amicalola Falls (25 Ch8sers) Lunch @ The Maple @ Amicalola Falls

Chapter 3 - Tallulah Gorge Falls (D'Anika's Honorary bEarthday Ch8se with 29 Ch8sers) Lunch @ The Artist Kava Grill - The worst lunch spot ever.

Chapter 4 - High Falls (37 Ch8sers) Lunch at Buckners

Chapter 5 - Anna Ruby Falls (22 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Bigg Daddys

Chapter 6 - Rock City & Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN (14 Ch8sers) Lunch @ 1885 Grill

Chapter 7 - Raven Cliff & Dukes Creek Falls (22 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Bigg Daddys

Chapter 7.5 - Cascade Springs Nature Preserve (5 Ch8sers) No lunch - an impromptu ch8se.

Chapter 8 - Roswell Mills @ Vickery Creek (The Weather Forced Repeat with 15 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Peach & The Pork Chop

Chapter 8.5 (The Scout) - Desoto Falls & Helton Falls (2 Scouters) - No lunch.

Chapter 9 - DeSoto Falls (13 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Fatz

Chapter 10 - Minnehaha & Hemlock Falls (The bEarthDay Ch8se with 25 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Murphy's Chop House

Chapter 11 - Tallulah Gorge (35 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Fortify Kitchen & Grill

Chapter 12 - Trahlyta Falls @ Vogel State Park (17 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Armadillo Grill

Chapter 13 - Anna Ruby Falls - (The Anniversary Repeat with 19 Ch8sers) Lunch @ Bigg Daddys.

We have impressively covered quite a bit of territory across the North Georgia mountains. We have seen some amazing waterfalls, and conquered lots of different terrain.

We are so irresistible.

We have been celebrated, we have been welcomed, and literally "every where we go, people want to know, who we are and where we come from."

Have you ever heard of GirlTrek?

We find ourselves sharing the mission of GirlTrek with most everyone we encounter. Be it with a smile, our super shero blue, or the countless conversations we have along the way, every ch8se leaves us closer to one million women living our healthiest lifestyle by 2020. Along the trails, while admiring the waterfalls, in visitors centers, the ladies room, in parking lots, before, during, and after lunch, we educate, inform, and welcome our new sisters into our GirlTrek nation. We embrace the beauty of mother nature and welcome her healing. Chapter 13 was no different than those before.

Yes, walking is the single most powerful thing we can do for our health. Yes ma'am, we both know self-care.

Fellow hikers and lovers of nature are enamored with the beauty of the super sheroes in blue. They are curious and often surprised to see us laughing, encouraging, and enjoying nature, together. We are changing the narrative of nature and re-writing the norm, one trek, one ch8se at a time.

He said, "it's been a long time since I've made this many women smile at the same time."

During the year, we have shared countless conversations along the way. We have shared priceless hugs, and memorable laughter. We have collected patches, medallions, post-cards, pins and t-shirts at every state park we visit. Each of us have our own personal collection we have proudly acquired at each ch8se. We look forward to adding to our collection with every ch8se we embark upon.

Wait, now let us take a picture with you.

This anniversary ch8se was beautiful. If I remember correctly, we had six first time ch8sers, and welcomed several family members of one of our ch8sers. It was extremely awesome for our sista to share her family with us at the anniversary ch8se. Her family time with us was priceless. Knowing a ch8ser enjoys the experience enough to share it with her family speaks volumes to the movement within the movement, for which I am blessed. Thank you for ch8sing with us and inviting your family along.

Ch8sing Waterfalls is fluid and inviting. It affords us free space for real black girl healing and undeniable black girl magic. Imagine minding your own business, hiking in the woods, and approach a group of 20 or more cheerful, smiling, nature loving adventurers, all dressed in blue, each one greeting you with a smile and "good morinig," covered in amazing hues of melanin, just imagine how spectacular that view has to be in the eyes of that hiker. Just imagine. Right!?

We see it, we feel it, and we hear it with every ch8se we take.

Each ch8se ends with a meal, which is just as spectacular as the ch8se, with the exception of the chapter 3 lunch location. The anniversary ch8se took us back to Bigg Daddy's which has turned into a ch8se favorite. Brad, pictured below was our super server the first to times; however, he was not there this last time. He took great care of us and we were slightly disappointed he wasn't there to take care of us the third time; however, our server did an equally great job taking care of our group.

Brad is the man. He took great care of us at Bigg Daddys, in Helen, GA.

I could continue to ramble; however, I will stop here. I think you get the point. Ch8sing waterfalls is everything amazing, and all things phenomenal. I am honored to share this journey with so many spectacular Queens, that I now call Sisters. I am humbled and beyond blessed to have so many of you embrace my passion and take this journey with me. You trust me and love the ch8se, and for your support and commitment to the ch8se, thank you, thank you, thank you.

I look forward to sharing countless ch8ses with you. I hope you join us for chapter 14 on October 27, 2018, as we head back to Amicalola Falls. Will you be there?

Until we ch8se again, stay tuned........

Deborah McGlawn


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