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Chapter 12 - 8.18.18 - Trahlyta Falls @ Vogel State Park (Finally)

The very first time we attempted to ch8se waterfalls at Vogel State Park, Mother Nature thought otherwise. We are an adventurous group, and we ch8se whether rain or shine; however, we do not ch8se with thunder, lightening, nor major thunderstorms. With that in mind, the first time we tried to get to Trahlyta Falls, the weather was far too bad for the hour and a half drive up the winding north Georgia mountain. Instead, plan B led us to a local waterfall we had visited before. That ch8se turned out to be amazingly wet, and filled with fun and adventure. It was the memorable, "blessed is she who is flexible, for she will not break," ch8se.

The weather forecast for this ch8se was positive that we would have liquid sunshine, aka rain, and that we would encounter it early on in the hike. Typically, Mother Nature, and the Universe are kind to us, and either the liquid sunshine falls before or after our ch8se, often on the drive home. This time we enjoyed the liquid sunshine before, during, and after the ch8se; however, at the exact moment we needed a break, we got it. There were times within the ch8se that we would take a break from the climb, and so would the liquid sunshine. We reached a point where there was a fallen tree in the path, which provided a great pause and photo opp, and the liquid sunshine took yet another break. Though the huge tree was the determining point for which we turned around, it was a magical moment where the sun peaked through the lush, green foliage and kissed our GirlTrek glow perfectly, and energized our trek back down the mountain side to the waterfall.

The trek up the mountain seemed to be a literal stairway to heaven. For every step we took, we found ourselves reaching higher, and higher altitude. The climb was winding, wet, beautiful, green, and magical. Ladies of all ages, abilities, of all shapes and sizes conquered that mountain like the true embodiment of black girl magic. We showered that mountain with the spirit of sisterhood and support. We were admired by all we glowed by. The chapter twelve, 17 made sure that Vogel State Park would never be the same, simply because GirlTrek Atlanta had blessed it with our awesomeness.

This ch8se was as epic as all others, yet exceptional in that it proved to be a first ch8se for one of our ladies and the second for another. One of our trekkers earned her first state park patch, and warned us that we are now stuck with her, and to that, we accept. Besides, what better group of ladies is there to be stuck with? We are our sisters keeper. We are our sister. We are ch8sers, and we are GirlTrek.

Our tiniest trekker followed her grandmother to the ch8se, and did a wonderful job . Ya'll, she handled that mountain like a pro. She and I talked a bit during one of our breaks and the sweetie told me, "I love GirlTrek. GirlTrek is my life!" Ya'll right about here was one of the most special, and memorable moments ever during a ch8se. I've had my share of spectacular moments, but for this little one to have caught on to her grandmothers passion and love for this lifestyle is beautiful beyond beauty. Great job my Yaya for sharing your shine. She sees you, she sees us.

After we descended the mountain, we walked around the fantastic Lake Trahlyta to get to the actual Trahlyta Falls. The trail led us past the mini golf area, and several cabins. There was a covered pier, and an area of the lake with a beach for swimmers. This little piece of the north Georgia mountain is definitely one to return to soon for a family getaway.

As we approached the waterfall, we could hear her majesty in the distance. The roar of the waterfall is incomparable to anything I know. It's soothing, yet powerful, strong, yet calming, peaceful and unstoppable. Down a flight of stairs, with her beauty to our right to the platform that faces her beauty. Selfies, groupies, videos, and photos are absolutely in order, and commence as expected.

Here is where we met a sister from South Carolina who was visiting and is also a ch8ser of waterfalls. We shared our passion and exchanged information. We shared the mission of GirlTrek and hope to connect again soon. There will be a North & South Carolina chapter of ch8singwaterfalls.

The Armadillo Grill in Blairsville, GA, is where we concluded the days adventure, and shared a meal and great conversation. The culmination of the chapter happens while breaking bread. This time offers each of us the opportunity to reflect, and enjoy the space we've just shared through each others unique perspective. It's the action of black girl magic and black girl healing that happens while breaking bread. The meal is a major part of the ch8se, and the part that solidifies the day.

Plans for chapter 13 and 14 are underway. Visit our social media sites for the details.

Until we ch8se again, stay tuned........

Deborah McGlawn



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