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Chapter 10 - 6.16.18 The Pre bEarthDay Ch8se

This is What 28 Super Sheroes Look Like in the North Georgia Woods.

June 16, 2018 was four days prior to my 48th bEarthDay, it fell on a a Super Shero Saturday. What could be more perfect than ch8singwaterfalls with my Yaya's to kick start the bEarthday shenanigans? How about doing so in the Jeep Wrangler. NO, I do not own the Jeep Wrangler, yet, hubby actually rented one for me for the weekend, ya'll, I fell in love. I had so much legal fun in that Jeep, that it was hard to give it back.

This Jeep Wrangler Was Everything Fun Should Be!

First off, don't I just look like I'm suppose to have this vehicle? Doesn't it just scream Dynamic Deb, all over it? Just wait, I will have one, just wait.

Nevertheless, once I pulled in to the meet up spot, after being indecisive due to the weather, I knew I wanted to pull the tops off, and we did. The Jeep, well, let me rewind a bit. Hubby had taken me to scout the area prior to the ch8se, in order for me to adequately inform the ch8sers of what to expect. While exploring, there were dirt, and gravel roads, with big pot holes, and rough spots, which were not the best for small or low vehicles. We scouted in hubby's car. He politely informed me that I would not be driving it back, thus the Jeep. Scouting allowed me the opportunity to prepare the ch8sers of the need to be in a SUV or truck. We ended up with eight vehicles, packed, and all except two were SUV's, including the Jeep.

The ride down in the jeep included my bestie, Salt and Spin, aka Erica and Ellen. We laughed and talked the entire ride. It was surprisingly cool that every Jeep I encountered along the ch8se, once we got into the woods, the driver waved as if it were a Jeep code or something. Now all I see are Jeeps.

Ok, enough about the Jeep already.

Our first leg of this ch8se led us to the beautiful Minnehaha falls, where the first picture above was taken. Here at Minnehaha is where we did the introductions, the talk before the walk (ch8se), and also where I was happy to give our first time ch8sers little goodie bags. I also chose this bEarthday ch8se to give each of the ch8sers the ch8singwaterfalls button. The twenty-seven all received one, and I still have a few left over. Though I am extremely proud of the buttons, I can't for the life of me find where I ordered them from. Geesh. That's for another day.

Moving right along. Chapter 10 welcomed four or five new ch8sers. I still find great pleasure and heart warming satisfaction on the faces of the ch8sers when we approach the waterfall. The trek to the falls is so calculated and surreal, as we each have to watch our footing while chatting along the way, but the expressions, and the joy on the face of each ch8ser is simply priceless, which is truly another reason why I am so in love with ch8singwaterfalls.

The trek to Minnehaha falls was one of the shorter ones; however, not short on reward. The fall was so tall, so full, and so spectacular, we each could have sat there much longer than we did. The mist from the falls was refreshing and the water was cold and fantastic. One of our sistas took her sandals off, sat in her space, in her moment and reflected. I could see gratitude and praise in her posture, and a calm in her smile. I could tell she was in a place of peace.

Each Queen, each Yaya, presents with her own story, her own journey, and her own path. We may not know it all, nor even know any of her story, just that she, we have one, and it is in these small little moments, along the ch8ses that captures the beauty of it all and freezes it in its own realm of the universe. It is these special moments of the ch8se that not everyone sees, or acknowledges, that when it happens, it's undeniably right! Affirmation of healing happens on the ch8ses, whether tiny, or huge as the day, healing happens in nature, in the private spaces of the ch8se. This I see, and this I know.

Minnehaha did not disappoint. The drive was rough, and dusty, with no damage, and no incidents. Parking in the little area was tricky, but we were creative and made it work. We left Minnehaha Falls, and took the twenty minute drive over to Hemlock Falls. The parking at Hemlock was a bit tricky, as the lot was small, so again, we were creative and made it work. I made sure to back that Jeep up in a spot where only it could safely go.

After the talk before you walk, my Yaya's got me good. I knew they had a gift for me, because it rode in the back of the Jeep; however, I expected the reveal to happen at lunch. Nevertheless, because not everyone was going to lunch, the rock at the entrance of Hemlock Falls proved to be the perfect spot.

After a fun rendition of happy birthday, I opened my very own table top waterfall. Perfect, absolutely perfect. The design of the waterfall is very close to the design of my ch8singwaterfalls logo. The selection was surprisingly spot on perfect. My boo, my bestie, did good.

Just when I thought there could be no more, I pulled out two personalized t-shirts, from The Right Crafts, which both had my logo, and ch8singwaterfalls, one journey at a time. The shirts are priceless. They both were very similar with the exception of one having 4:44 on it. Ya'll know, this is just where I lost it. I mean ugly, snot face cry and all. You see it is one thing to be celebrated, it is something totally different to be loved, and celebrated all at the same time. Words truly escape me for what I felt in that moment. It's not that I mourn our loss and the 444 makes me sad, no, it is not that at all. 444 makes me smile, it makes me happy, it brings comfort and joy. The numbers speak so many things to me, and for my Yaya's to give consideration to everything that is meaningful to me, and capture it all during a ch8se, in celebration of my bEarthday, truly leaves me speechless.

If I never ch8se again, if I never have another bEarthday celebration, this ch8se will be remembered as the best for so many reasons. Memories of chapter 10 make me smile every time I think of the day, and every time I look at a picture. It is forever etched in my heart as the best bEarthday celebration, I can remember.

The ch8se concluded, as all ch8ses do, with a meal to continue our bonding and reflect on the adventure. We had brunch at Murphy's Chop House. The best part of lunch was being with my Yaya's, and enjoying the view of the lake. I failed to mention, prior to leaving Hemlock Falls, we put the tops back on the Jeep, because we heard thunder. Sure enough, as always, as soon as we got on the road the rain took us home.

Memories. Memories. Memories!

Stay tuned, until we ch8se again ............

Deborah McGlawn


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