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Ch.19.5 - The Scout - Waters Creek Falls on Dicks Creek Rd. 3.17.19

Take a Moment and Enjoy the View

Here we go again. This ch8se champion and the waterfall whisperer. With an idea, a location, our cell phone and choppa, we head to scout the location of what will be the 4.20 ch8se.

We find ourselves immersed in conversation which always proves thought provoking, entertaining and even educational. These ch8se scouts are on a mission to enhance the ch8se expierence, one adventure at a time.

We arrive at our destination, and to our surprise the waterfall is literally in eyesight of the parking lot. We park choppa, and walk across the street to the waterfall and all of her beauty. Though she is magnificent, she does not afford us the hike, nor meet the standard of expectation I require after over an hour drive. She's very rewarding, and spectacular; however, after driving an hour, we need a hike, or at least a mile long trail, to justify the drive.

We explore the area, discover a very small trail which provides a view of the second part of the fall; however, still not enough to justify the drive. We take in the space, enjoy the sounds, sights, and cold, damp air, and unfold a game plan to include a second location in the one day of the ch8se.

Of course we are in a space without a signal. We head out to find a signal and pass the signs to DeSoto Falls. That's it. That's our answer. This scout was short and on point. We have what we need and we proceed home, in record timing. All that was left was for this ch8se champion to research lunch locations, and inform the ladies of the plans.

The Ch8se Must Go On!

The idea is to visit DeSoto Falls first, which will be a rewarding repeat for some; and a rewarding surprise for others. We will follow DeSoto with Waters Creek Falls, and head to lunch. The scout mission accomplished.

Let's get ready for chapter 20.

Until we ch8se again.

Peace, Light & Waterfalls

Your Ch8se Champion - Deborah McGlawn


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