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Ch.18.5 ~ The Scout for Ch.19

Ya'll let me tell you. This scout did not start at all like any other. It presented with its challenges from the moment I hit the ground. Someone else changed my plans for the morning, and I was all the way off.

Once I got it all together, we were off on the scout for chapter 19. As you can see it was me and my boo. My hubby approved, chic on the side, my bestie, the Salt to my Peppa. Ya'll we haven't scouted since the days before there was a ch8singwaterfalls epidemic, and here we were.

The drive proved to be very similar to many ch8ses, in that it started at Publix and went to North, GA, Clayton county, to be exact. Just as others, we were escorted most of the way by sprinkling rain, and cloudy skies. And just like all ch8ses, we know no quit, so onward and upward we go.

We arrive at the first of what I knew to be two waterfalls. We were in search of Becky Branch, and Martin Creek falls, near or on, Warwoman road. This time, thankfully, I printed the directions, from one location to the other. I am so glad I did, because just as other ch8se adventures, there was no signal to be had in the north Georgia mountains. The first location, I'll call it Becky Branch, because that's what the directions said, was less than a half a mile hike, to the sweetest little spot ever. The waterfall was a smedium, a small to medium sized one, compared to others. Though, it was tucked away at the back of the trail, in a dead ended space, with a little pooling area at the bottom.

It was at this space that the both of us washed our crystals and stones in the crisp, cold, magnificence of the waterfall. Though I had on my rain resistant jacket, and waterproof boots, I was drenched. The force of the fall sprayed water everywhere, not to be avoided. This was a great spot for pictures, and probably, and even nicer spot when the weather is warmer. I could envision dipping my feet into those waters in the summer time.

From this spot, we hopped back in Choppa, that is after another series of selfies, and nature shots, and head to the second spot. We arrive with ease, we see the stream on either side of us, and we hear the falls. We approach an open area that has an obvious trail, and we pass it, curious to see if we can actually see the falls, before delving into the trail. Besides, it was just the two of us out here in this unfamiliar space.

Sure enough, we drive up the mountain, literally, straight up, and on one side, we see the beauty; however, we do not see an obvious trail that leads us to it. We drive further up, to see if perhaps there was more there, that we would miss, if we didn't go in further. Nope, there was nothing. Choppa, that's my jeep, made a carefully, calculated turn around on the narrow, dirt road, and took us back to the opening we saw before reaching the fall.

We get out, walk around, take more pictures, and decide to go back the other way to see if perhaps we missed something. Nope, we missed nothing, and at this point, I was patting myself on the back for always having a full tank of gas, an open mind, and explorer spirit. It was at this time, that I was also entering deep into my feelings. You see, the way my life is set up, this was the only time I had to scout the ch8se, for chapter 19, which is scheduled one week from this ch8se scout. I was entering deep into my feelings because I knew I had no other opportunity to scout another waterfall. I knew the waterfall we had just left, the lil smedium one was not enough for an hour and a half drive. We just did something like that last month. This was not setting well with me at all. I mean, I was big mad. I was pouting so hard, and trying my best to figure out what I would do. I did not want to repeat a ch8se location, there are far too many waterfalls in Georgia and surrounding areas for that, but I hadn't had time to research alternatives.

Ok, my girl Salt, helps me with my attitude, and begins recording my pouting session, makes me laugh, and helps me come from the depths of dismay. We make our way back to the main road, and pass what appears to be a gem in the rough, off the road. I drive by too quickly, go a little further down the road, and yep, turn around again. At this point, Dora, the Explorer had taken over the steering wheel, and was determined to explore how to get to that waterfall. Just at the moment we made it back to the location, Dora, whipped around another U turn, and parked on a pad, on the side of the road. It was right before this turn, that we saw two people descend the stairs from the waterfall we had just seen on the side of the road. Salt is yelling, stop them, ask them, how do we get to it, and where did they park. Sure enough, Choppa parks, and out the car, towards this couple, the two of us run. If I were them, I probably would have run from us. We had to appear crazy and desperate, yet friendly, and harmless. That is, unless they had not told us how to get there. Nah, just kidding.

They give us the skinny, we drive to the spot where we started, parked, and jump into action. Mind you, we were now back where we started. Ok, I was over my tantrum, and happy, happy, happy. The road to the magnificent waterfall was filled with its own awesomeness. Oh, you will just have to see it all for yourself. We find a treat off to the side of the trail, that one of us had to go all in on, and test the waterproof boots. Well, what had happened was, the boots are waterproof, until you submerge them above the waterproof area, way above the shoe laces, and yeah, once you step in the water taller than the boots, wet, you're just wet. One of us learned that lesson the hard way. Fortunately for her, she brought back up.

Now we have had that fun, captured those pics, and embraced that wonderfulness, on to the pièce de résistance. We carfully cross the two lane road, and ascend to pure awesomeness. The elevation of this climb was very similar to that of last month's ch8se, and just like last month, well worth it. I screamed, laughed, danced, and probably dropped a tear or two, when I saw this waterfall. It was and is so spectacular. Keep in mind, I was having a melt down, an internal fit, a tantrum even, knowing the smedium fall would just not be enough. I was elated, over joyed, pleased and ready to bring the ch8se to the ch8sers.

Remember, Dora is still in charge here. On the way back to Choppa, she notices an area that needs exploring. Could it be? Another gem, omg, more than I expected. There was this little trinkle of water, 66 steps, and a sign explaining the steps. Yes, of course Dora took the stairs, and so did Salt. We reach the top and discovered, another waterfall. This was a three piece of awesomeness. We had now discovered four waterfalls in one day, with us only being able to get to three. This last one was a small, yet it was as magnificent as the others. We had not uncovered a small, medium, and large waterfall. After finding the small, the smedium was upgraded to a medium.

Happy, happy, Joy, joy. I was over the moon elated. This ch8se is going to be awesomeness.

One of us changes shoes, we hop back in Choppa and bask in the wonder of nature we had just witnessed. We were tired, wet, and deeper in love with the adventures of ch8singwaterfalls, more so than ever. At least I was.

Each ch8se and scout has the most beautiful space in my heart. Each equally great, with undeniable power and wisdom at every step, every breath, and every drop of sweat exuded along the way. I could write forever of my love of the ch8se, and share pictures from now through infinity, but until you have the ch8se experience, my words nor pictures do not equate to the personal gains each affords the ch8ser.

If you've ch8sed, you know what I mean. If you have not, I recommend you do. If you cannot, I understand, and pray our blog, our site is meaningful, and helpful in some way.

If you have ch8sed with us, please feel free to leave a comment on this or any blog. We welcome your feedback.

Until we ch8se again.

Peace, Light & Waterfalls

Deborah McGlawn, Your Ch8se Champion


Kimberly Sunshine
Kimberly Sunshine
Mar 26, 2019

Awesome can't wait to go on this ch8se!


This is awesome. I cannot wait to experience this ch8se.

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