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Ch.16 - The Fearless Five & The Last Ch8se of 2018

We know no limits. We know no quit. We are fearless, fabulous, and fly. Rain or shine, the fearless five is just fine. We embrace it all, slip and fall. We get right back up and kick major butt. It's who we are, it's what we do. We chose to live our best life. We make it do what it do. (Deborah McGlawn) :-)

The Fearless, Fabulous, Furious Five

Rolling down 85 south, in low visibility, under rainy, dreary skies, the five of us, are chopping up the road together in Choppa. We are on the road to close out the final chapter of the 2018 ch8se year. We are headed on an adventure to Angel and Panther Falls in Lakemont, GA.

There was a brief moment of uncertainty which was quickly eliminated, as the ch8se must always go on. The unfavorable conditions weren't uncommon; however, this ch8se champion began to doubt whether the hour and a half drive, in what could truly be 60% - 100% of liquid sunshine, with just the fab five was worth it all. What about a more local ch8se? We would never cancel, however re-routing the adventure is allowed. I seriously almost pulled over to turn around, and head to a more local spot, to get out of the liquid sunshine that was escorting us to the falls.

All of the ladies were in agreement to whatever the majority decided, for the most part; however, one sista, didn't say much to begin with, but her energy was felt, as she researched the weather. It was at this point, I knew that although I had only driven ten minutes into the trip, that the ch8se, as planned, was to go on. This sista reminded me that just as before, with all of the ch8ses that predicted rain, this one would be the exact same. You see, without fail, everytime we ch8se into the rain, the universe was, and is always on our side. The rain would pause, allow us to ch8se, without a complete down pour, but often return as we drove home. In essence, the liquid sunshine would not stop or re-route the last ch8se of 2018. I was also reminded of another sista who shared with me, she who is flexible may bend, but shall not break. We chose to be flexible and not break.

The drive gave us intermittent rain, and beautiful sunshine. We traveled the most amazing roads, with beautiful farms, dilapidated barns, and breath taking landscapes. The drive afforded the fearless five time to bond and appreciate each other. It gave us space to listen, to learn, to embrace, and respect each woman's place in this chapter, and in this life. Though small in number, the fearless five narrated the perfect conclusion to the 2018 year of ch8singwaterfalls.

Into the majestic woods we go. Fearlessly.

We approach the park to find the main gates are closed, so we park across the street at the boat ramp and the ch8se ensues. The muddy, green path led us through leaf laden trails, breath taking foliage, and fallen trees. We found ourselves climbing over trees, while testing how low could we go, as we did the limbo under the fallen too tall to climb over. We dredged through the mud as if it was solid ground. We could not be stopped.

There were moments when our umbrellas shielded us and others when they supported us. The trail warranted hiking boots, hiking poles or hiking sticks. My inner paparazzi chose to leave the hiking pole and stick in the car and rely on the umbrella. This proved to work well in my favor.

If you've ever ch8sed with us, then you know we have this chant that we do along the way. It's one that affirms our movement and reminds us of its many benefits. This end of year ch8se with the fearless five taught me a little bit more about each of the four ladies who narrate this chapter with me. The chant rose up in periods where I found myself reflecting on the beauty of the space I was blessed to be in. It provoked calm when there may have been flickers of anxiety or noise trying to infiltrate my head space. The chant is short and sweet, yet bumps up the badass at times, while confirming our strength at others. I'm thankful for the sista who birthed this chant on an earlier ch8sing waterfalls adventure. She has given us a priceless gift that will echo in the hearts of all who choose to ch8se with us.

Priceless gems along the way.

Each step would either give reason to pause and embrace the awesomeness of nature, or leave us empowered at how badass we were to be changing the face of the great outdoors, ch8sing waterfalls, one adventure at a time. With the exception of a couple and their dog, we had the entire park, the entire green space to ourselves. It was absolutely magical.

We climbed spaces blocked by downed trees, and maintained footing in the narrow and damp places. There was varying levels of elevation, we tackled them all. We navigated our way through some struggle spaces, that allowed us to appreciate the journey even greater. The fearless, fabulous five are true adventures, and the experience of moving beyond doubt is always the greatest victory of all. We proved how fearless we were when concern was defeated by perseverance and determination trumped doubt. We pulled up our big girl panties and forged on to two of the most spectacular waterfalls in North Georgia, Angel & Panther Falls.

Panther Falls

Panther Falls we encountered first, as the road dead ended into its beauty. Panther had rocks and lower landings where we were able to actually dip in the water if the weather was right. We posted up the tripod and practiced more on our selfie skills. Panther falls is tall, and fantastic, and with all of the rain lately, the flow was perfect. We hung out with Panther falls for awhile before we journeyed up the trail to Angel Falls. It wasn't until our trip down, that we realized which was angel and which was panther. I'm not sure of the history behind the naming of each; however, we determined that perhaps angel falls, the one with the stairs, and the bench, could have received it's name because of how tall, or how high in the sky it is. Stunning, simply stunning they both are.

Angel Falls

This ch8se gave space to a memorial for a sister friend who is in hospice. Her dear friend spoke of her and allowed space for positive vibrations and prayers of comfort towards her. She brought with her a ribbon that she ran with in her honor a few weeks ago, and afterwards left it there at the falls. The sisters light will forever flow in the falls, and forever live on in its mist.

This being the last ch8sing waterfalls adventure of 2018, I was reminded of the leave ceremony at the final ch8se of 2017. It was the perfect reminder, and the perfect space for the leave ceremony to take place. Themes were very popular and common place for the earlier ch8ses, they will make a return in 2019. Each ch8se, as it writes its own story, also held its own theme. For the December 2017 ch8se, we left it all behind. This has to be the December theme forever. It just makes sense.

You will have to be present December 2019 for the full affect; however, the concept is to leave it all behind. There is a release ceremony, and each lady literally leaves it all to flow down the waterfall to never enter 2019. This moment is such a precious time, and I am so thankful to that sista for reminding me of it. You see the December 2017 ch8se was on the eve of new years day, closer to the new year, unlike this one, which is over a week from 2019, I didn't think to do it. Needless to say, it was perfect, and very timely. I don't know what the others chose to release down the falls; however, the things I released are sure to make 2019 phenomenal.

2018 - Leave it All Behind!!

We came, we saw, we conquered, and we left it all behind. What a wonderful end to the 2018 year of ch8sing waterfalls. We were wet, muddy, exhausted, lighter, and amazed. I found myself stronger, wiser, and bolder than before at the hands of ch8sing waterfalls. I have discovered layers I never knew existed, and courage that surprises my natural mind. I am evolving and embracing all there is and all that is meant for me. I am a ch8se champion and ch8singwaterfalls is what we do.

That little side piece was for me, and a simple affirmation of whats to come.

A ch8se is not a ch8se until sisters break bread together, and replay their experience of the ch8se. The ch8se is not over until we've all been fed, and had time to fellowship. The fearless five would have it no other way. Choppa took us up to downtown Clayton, where we had lunch at Fortify Kitchen and bar. We dined there before, and enjoyed our experience. This time was fairly pleasant, with the exception of one incorrect order. Otherwise, we enjoyed the sisterhood, and embraced the moment to relax from the ch8se.

After lunch, we visited the Wander North Georgia store. I was so excited to go to this store. While researching ch8se locations, I would often see their advertisement or mentions along the way. You will have to google them and read their story; however, it's similar to the REI stores, yet on a much smaller, more intimate scale. It is a hikers play place. I met the owners, and purchased a few items, including a patch I cannot wait to add to my jacket. The wife, sorry, I am working to remember names better, until then, don't judge me; however, the wife had been collecting patches, and was looking for the right jacket to add them to. I ran to Choppa and got my jacket and they loved it so, they gave us a shout out on their Instagram page.

We shopped around a little more in the area before heading home. In my Ice Cube voice, "today was a good day."

I have so many plans, so many ideas, and so much fun things for ch8sing waterfalls in 2019. I am literally about to explode with excitement just thinking about it all. You ladies are amazing and leave me with so many emotions. I am truly blessed. Thank you for embracing the ch8se and allowing me to share my passion with you. I hope you get ch8sing gear on sale after the holidays, because the ch8sing waterfalls series is leveling up.

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Here are some of the pictures from the Fearless Fives adventures, ch8sing waterfalls in the North Georgia Mountains, December 15, 2018. Enjoy.