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Brett & Nancy ~ Happy Anniversary ~ 8.10.19

Whoa, where do I begin? How in the world do I articulate the day's emotions in a manner that you truly understand how supercalifragilisticexpialidocious chapter twenty-four, the two-year anniversary of Ch8sing Waterfalls was? How do I translate emotions? How do I put into words, what the actual experience best justifies?

Let's just say that no matter how hard I try, there is no way I can adequately narrate emotions, nor make up the magic that happens on a ch8se adventure. Regardless, to the ideas, the plans, the dramatic scenarios I roll play in my mind, the orchestration of universal intentions, are undeniably, always in control.

Again, where do I start?

Ok, I have a story. Wanna hear it? Here it goes.

With all of the expected anticipation, excitement and suspense surrounding an anniversary ch8se, ya'll, I almost didn't make it. After challenging weeks of a familiar health flare, knowing that another sister was leading the ch8se, I almost waved the white flag and sat out of my own ch8se. The mere nerve of such a thought. But oh, no, that's not quite how this ch8se champion was designed. The ch8se would not fold, not be cancelled, and not be stirred by how I was feeling, nor the uncertainty of my thoughts.

I had a litany of reasons why I would not show up to my own ch8se, yet, grateful, neither prevailed. For the universal orchestration of my movements, I am grateful. I am grateful for so many reasons. Just wait for it, I'll get there.

Ya'll know Choppa, right, the ch8se chariot, my copper, brown, Jeep wrangler? Well, of all ch8ses, she couldn't make this one, and of course this ch8se champion was all in her feelings, yet not in control. I am so glad I only thought I was in control.

Arriving at the carpool spot, a few of us faced arrival challenges, though delayed, the blessings were not denied, and clearly part of the plan. Without Choppa, this ch8se champion stepped outside of her norm, and instead of navigating, and driving, secured a passenger seat and comfortably enjoyed the ride. Being out of control was weird, welcoming, unusual, yet fantastic. With the exception of the Mother's Day ch8se, it has been over a year since I had been in the passenger seat for a ch8se and it was liberatingly awesome. I see a few more passenger seat adventures in our future.

The two hour carpool to the ch8se sets the tone for the day. It affords the ch8sers the opportunity to meet new, and like minded sistas. The carpool invokes priceless conversations and educational episodes. It's during the carpool that we form the lasting relationships, and astounding support systems. The pre ch8se carpool is enlightening and essential to the overall adventure. The sister who rides solo, or choose not roll in the carpool, misses the appetizers, and head straight for the main course.

Part of The Sweet Sixteen.

During our drive, one of the conversations that helped set the stage for the adventure was the sharing of the vision for the future of ch8sing waterfalls. This ch8se champion shared with her carpool trio the desire to obtain sponsorship to secure a passenger bus so that all ch8sers could travel together, enhancing the experience. Additionally, I shared the desire to have someone sponsor our lunches, our bonus bonding time, after the ch8se, and help us purchase a Garmin, SOS, device for added safety and security. We discussed donations, different possibilities, and disbursed the positive vibes into the atmosphere. We stood in agreement, and sent it all into the universe.

We arrive at the ch8se location, hyped with the anticipation of a child, whose asked "are we there yet," repeatedly during the drive. Yes, we have arrived, and we are ready. Our phenomenal sista, Marionette is the lead on this ch8se. She has explored this space on numerous occasions, and welcomed the opportunity to take us on this journey. I am beyond ecstatic that she did. Again, thank you, my queen sista for this gift.

After our meet and greet, our talk before the walk, countless selfies, group pics, and shots of our amazing views commenced, we loaded back in our vehicles, and drove a few miles to the trailhead. We are led in pre ch8se stretches to get us warmed up and ready to go. Backpacks on, walking sticks in hand, we head out to enjoy a mild to moderate, ch8se adventure. We blanket the trail with superhero blue, remarkable hues of melanin, undeniable beauty, sweet smiles, that banging GirlTrek glow, and pure badassery. (Yep, badassery is a word, lol.)

The trail adventures are never short of smile sharing, and conversations with fellow hikers. Without fail, all of this black girl magic inspires, enlightens, and even enamors the adventurers we share the trails with. Along the way, several of us found ourselves sharing the magic of Vanessa Garrison, and Morgan Dixon, the magic, that is GirlTrek. True to culture, everywhere we go, people want to know, who we are and where we come from. So, of course, we tell them. This ch8se was no different.

Despite, all of the unpleasant incidents happening around us, there is always peace, and kindness in green spaces. Face it, being in the woods, with the sights and sounds of nature, releasing the natural endorphins, simply ushers in happiness. We shared the mission of GirlTrek with several fellow hikers; however, it was Brett and Nancy, that stole our hearts. As we celebrated two years of ch8sing waterfalls, here these two were there celebrating 36 years of marriage. We enjoyed laughter and light hearted conversation with the two of them. Nancy even volunteered to be our photographer, with Brett's instruction, of course. These two were intrigued by our presence, very receptive and extremely complimentary of our presence, our movement and the mission of GirlTrek.

We went our separate ways, to later meet on the trail again. It was at this point, that we were in the midst of our bubble blowing, victory bridge hypeness, that Brett could no longer contain himself, and without hesitation, runs through our victory bridge. He celebrates with us. Nancy, on the other hand, as supportive as he was with her during our photo shoot, she was for him. She cheered us, and applauded him for celebrating with us. She let us know that we had just made his day. Though what she didn't know was that he had just made our day. Ya'll we live in a different climate, and these two, just keep reading.

The victory bridge in all its hypeness, the bubbles and wealth of positive vibrations would have been incomplete, had Nancy not joined in. With a little prompting, she too, ran through the victory bridge, celebrating with us. They both celebrated the conquered fears, the defeat of apprehension, the release of anxiety, the protest of stress, the annihilation of pain, and yes, year two of ch8sing waterfalls. We share this ch8se site with them; however, this ch8se champion, who always has a card on her, actually left them in the car. In true alignment with universal intentions, our awesome sista, our waterfall whisperer, had on the prototype, embrace the ch8se t-shirt. In an "ah-ha" moment, we encourage Brett to snap a pic of the shirt so they would remember us. As if they would forget. (smile.) We say our good byes, wish each other well and go our separate ways.

After a few more moments of pause to embrace the ch8se, we begin to make our way back to our vehicles for lunch. We were escorted to our cars under the cover of the lush landscape of tall trees that shielded us from the light liquid sunshine. Though sufficient for the light liquid sunshine, the foliage was no match for the slight down pour that ultimately led us to the parking lot.

Unbothered, and wet, we load into our vehicles once more, stop by the visitors center for our park paraphernalia, and head to lunch. Chapter twenty-four chose the Mountain Top Cafe, in Rising Fawn, GA. Mike, the cafe owner, and Megan took great care to ensure we enjoyed our visit, and we did. During our lunch, we look up, and in walks Brett and Nancy. Yep, they were stalking us. What a nice surprise. They had showered, unlike us, and changed, and we were still there. Universal intentions, ya'll.

We exchange more jovial chatter, share tater tots, and separately enjoy our meals. They finish ahead of us, and we wish them farewell, and safe travels. Each ch8ser has now shared her chapter twenty-four take away. We've embraced the ch8se, filled our bellies, rested from the hike, ready to pay, anxious to hit the road, as we await our bills.

Somebody say FAVOR!!

Paid in Full!

What, wait, huh? Mike stands at our table and announces ALL OF OUR BILLS were paid in full! (Insert that "loose my shit" moment!) Wait, Mike, say what? Someone asks, who, and what did you say? Mike smiles, responds with a nod, and points to the table where Brett and Nancy had been seated.

The couple from Alabama, celebrating their thirty-sixth wedding anniversary, celebrating our victories, embracing our mission, enjoying green spaces with brown faces, had just received my hearts desire, which, mind you, I had just spoken into the universe on the drive to the ch8se, and manifested it, expeditiously. Do you hear me? Did you read the words I've written on this page? I spoke it, the universe snatched it, positioned our shine, gave us Brett and Nancy, deposited it in their hearts, and birthed it at the dang'on Mountain Top Cafe in Rising Fawn, GA! LISTEN!!! I can not make this up, I am good, but not this good.

Come through bus, come through. Ya'll know the ch8se bus is next, right? We will receive a bus to carry us all, and lunch. Say it with me now...we will have a ch8se bus and lunch for each ch8se. Yes universe. You heard it. We'll wait.

Just as our meeting of these two beautiful souls was orchestrated so intentionally, so was the shine of their love light. They left the Mountain Top Cafe, with smiles, well wishes, and a love deposit that will live forever. You see, it is 2019, and we are living in a time of great uncertainty, and uncomfortable racial tension. Yet, in the midst of it all, despite it all, these two remind us of faith, persistence, and the beauty of humanity. These two broke down guards, snatched down a few walls, and deposited hope. Brett and Nancy were the exclamation point to the second year, anniversary celebration of ch8sing waterfalls.

Be the same, remain consistent, and always share your shine, you never know the universal intentions being orchestrated on your behalf. It's like a call and response. It's the law of reciprocity. What you give you receive. Call it out, and watch how it responds to your call. Just watch.

It was at this point, after sharing a few other similar instances that one of the ladies went to play the lottery, exciting us all, we followed behind. Not knowing exactly how to play, we did so believing in a win.

Once more, the universe designed this ch8se, literally hand picking the intended sixteen. I used to concern myself with the number of rsvp's versus the actual ch8sers, until I eventually got over it. Numbers are very significant; however, respect that quality beats quantity every time. Watch this. On August 10, 2019, chapter 24 had 16 ch8sers, in the 8th month. 16 + 8 = 24. Did I say intentional orchestration? But wait, this epiphany was deposited in the spirit of our Testimonial Tee, whose bEarth date is on 8/24! Nah let that sit with you for a moment.