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Beyond Expectations

We trusted our beloved sister Camille when she said she was organizing for us to go on a hike with Ch8sing Waterfalls. She said it would be a perfect fit for our Girls Trip, where, all 8 of us, living in different parts of the USA and the Caribbean, gathered in Clayton Georgia, to "Disconnect and Reconnect"..

In the spirit of sisterhood, mother Earth, and the need to commune with each other, we trusted her guidance and took the plunge. Every ounce of the day was worth it. From the beginning, when the team leaders got all present in a circle and kicked us off with Bill Withers', "Lovely Day", I knew that we were in the company of a special set of women imbued with good vibes and magic. Along the way, I not only got out of my comfort zone of sticking with my 8 friends, but made new ones by the end of the day.

Between the curious conversations, overhearing laughter of the conversations of others, and the comfortable silences that visited us when we saw a tree, a view, or a river, that held us in awe, my heart was grateful. Mother Nature is so bountiful and kind to us. And for me, the company mirrored the energy of the surroundings. I wanted the day to last longer, not out of selfishness, but out of that simple thing of sustained joy. A joy that comes when black women gather, and so MANY of us, gathering to explore, commune and honor mother nature and love up on ourselves while walking, surrounded by Her blessings.

The healing joy of the trip the Chau Ram was one of the most memorable highlights of the Girls Trip. Taitu Heron, December 18, 2021

I am one with the never-ending courtship between the leaves and the breeze as it whispers its promise of undying, unyielding love. They are serenaded by the roaring silence of the rushing river. While the sun flirts with the deeply hidden brush and the far-reaching branches listen and wait with baited breath. I am one with this space. We encroach on its desire to thrive but vow to take only what it gives freely. We are equally caught up in the slip and slide, tug and pull of aura of nature, Yet lulled by the rest it so freely imparts upon its visitors. Its trauma is unspoken but echoes loudly Each inhabitant claims the ancestral space it has been long promised. That which was crafted, and created specially for it. The muted silence is only broken by the small, sweet sighs and giggles of the sisterhood. We are one with this space. We are one with each other. By Glacia Young-Pringle

This was the final ch8se of 2021. Here are pictures from that beautiful day where forty-six amazing brown faces added to the beauty of the green spaces. We hope to see you in 2022.

Peace & Light

Deb, Rhonda, Marionette, AyJay

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Yes these pictures and the words of my siStars took me back 🤎🤎 It was an awesome day !

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