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Kind of The Beginning


This entry is titled as such because the story and the evolution of this website began over twenty-five years ago; however, untold until just recently.

It is amazing how life events unfold and remain untold and many are carried to the grave. Yet somehow the universe saw fit for me to share our story and bring life to it's purpose. This entry is dated for the date my article was published and shared on, titled: #BLACKGIRLHEALING: AFTER THE SUDDEN DEATH OF HER DAUGHTER, THIS MOTHER HELPS OTHER WOMEN FIND HEALING IN MOTHER NATURE.

The experience and the article has proven to be life changing for myself and many around me, and hopefully many I may never meet yet have touched through the words shared in my truth. You can find the full article at

Within the story you will find what brought me to Ch8singWaterfalls, and the truth of BlackGirlHealing with GirlTrek. The story will unfold the importance of being sensitive and in tune with the spirit, of knowing and acknowledging, of hearing and accepting, while living and being.

Ch8singWaterfalls is an experience of greatness, far beyond the act of exploring nature, and far beyond the Sisterhood and togetherness it represents. Ch8singWaterfalls is healing and strengthening the lives of women in an effortless manner of simply being receptive to nature and her healing vices.

Ch8singWaterfalls is just as magical as it sounds. We are a inspiration, on a mission to ch8se as many waterfalls, and experience as many of the beauties of nature as this life will allow.

You are kind of at the beginning, in that this is where we chose to start, and this is where we are. Follow us as we unfold the countless chapters of Ch8singWaterfalls. Each has her own healing and her own story, I am sure you will enjoy.

This my friend was entry one - Kind of The Beginning on 1.29.18.

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