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Pieces of our 4:44 (Part 3)

Now remember, I’m a lover of waterfalls, and GirlTrek has me trekking and building relationships, I never would imagine. During a trek, I would tell of my treks to the falls, and several ladies encouraged me to put one on the map, and they would join me. I thought to myself, how about we “chase waterfalls?” I know how healing it is for me, so why don’t I share this experience with my Sista circle? And so the chase began.

With black girl healing in mind, I launched the series of waterfall chases that have so far led us to Vickery Creek Falls in Roswell, GA, where we had sixteen ladies hiking and healing. Amicalola Falls in Dawson, GA, was the last stop, with twenty-six of us, hiking and healing. The Amicalola Falls chase turned into moments of astounding black girl healing. We had one Sista send the ashes of her father down the falls, while another sent the ashes of her aunt down the high falls, both into eternal travels. The ladies spoke of their love ones, and allowed us in on their healing. It was so beautiful. We prayed and cried together, and then later, laughed and shared a meal together.

That waterfall chase forced each of us to tap into self, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It proved to be both challenging and rewarding, and I believe continues to heal today. The next stop on the chase, and the one most special to me is planned on our angel’s bEarthday, 11/11/17. We are headed to Tallulah Gorge State Park to the falls there. So far we have over thirty women who have RSVP’d. It should prove to be an amazing time. I am honored and blessed for the GirlTrek movement and for the life changing experiences I’ve earned. I’m mostly grateful for the amazing Sista Circle that’s become new extensions of my family. One step at a time, one Sista at a time, black girl healing the GirlTrek way.

This my friend was Pieces of our 4:44 (Part 3). It was the conclusion to the piece written in November of 2017, and published on ( The next entries will unfold the chapters of the ch8ses and invite you to join us as we continue Ch8singWaterfalls on 1.29.18

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