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We Got High on 4.20!

The 12 on The 20th Living Our Best Life

There are so many things in this life that we have absolutely no control over. Despite how much we plan, regardless of how prepared we are, nor how much gear we pack, the universe has a way of intentionally orchestrating every step we take, that is, if we are in tune and receptive enough.

As with most ch8se blogs, it takes me several days, sometimes weeks to regurgitate it all to share with you here. It has been 15 days now, and I've got to get this one out. As I'm holding this all in, in the days immediately following this ch8se, I had been swarmed with my numbers 444. If you don't know the significance of my 444, I recommend you reading the "about" section of this website.

Listen, I believe in angel numbers, and they speak to me. Whether you believe or not, whether it freaks you out or not, please continue reading. We narrated, chapter 20 of ch8sing waterfalls, on April 20th. Hold please......

Now, according to several Google searches, the meaning behind the angel number 20 is: "It represents the start of your spiritual journey, so you should start listening to your intuition and what your guardian angels are trying to tell you!

This is a very exciting time for you because you will have the chance to discover your spirituality. You are about to embark on a spiritual journey where you will discover the answers to your life’s biggest questions." Copyright © 2019 Trusted Psychic Mediums

I have been lovingly reminded of 444 daily, since the chapter 20 ch8se, and an epiphany hit me one morning. There were 12 of us on this ch8se. 4+4+4=12. This was chapter 20, on the 20th. 20 is a derivative of 4. Wait, wait, wait, I'm not done. Ya'll, we had 5 new ch8sers. 4*5=20. Ok, now, I'm done.

Despite what you believe, or how odd you may think I am. I simply cannot make this stuff up. The intentional orchestration of my movement, simply amazes me. So what they are just numbers? Nah, they speak to me, and are filled with so much meaning. I also know and believe that there are no coincidences. This I know to be true. Ok, now that I've got that out. Let's talk about this day.

Ch8sing Waterfalls Ch.20

This ch8se champion does her homework. She mapped out the directions, researched a lunch spot, packed gear, and extra gear. Her cell phone was charged, and the backup battery in the backpack, along with the first aid kit. We had wipes, water, snacks, poles, and extra shoes. She was ready. The ch8se flags were flying on choppa and our the last car. That's how we roll now that the other flags were victims of the window roll down. Nevertheless, our two flags were flying, we were three vehicles, riding four deep, with Choppa's Ch8se Chics leading the way. Google maps was winning, despite the loss of signal, Google maps was golden.

Pause......inserting explanation. (sigh)

Chapter 20 took us to three waterfalls. Two at DeSoto and one at Waters Creek Falls. The plan was to hit up DeSoto first, head to Waters Creek, and to Creekside for lunch. That was the plan, that's what was in Google maps, loaded on my phone, and, that's where we were headed. Well, that is until the conversation in Choppa took me so deep in thought, that when I saw the split happening on the map, instead of turning, I kept going. Ok, no problem, right, well, yes, and no. You see, it took us to the second location, which was followed by the directions to the lunch spot. I had just passed the road to take us to DeSoto falls. I had gotten us off track.

We have now reached Waters Creek Falls. It is what I coin a stop and see. We literally stopped, (parked) and walked a few feet across a gravel road to a beauty, just sitting there roaring, waiting to be seen. This little wonder allowed us the opportunity to be up close and personal with her magical powers. We were able to walk onto an area, and dip into the water, had we chosen to do so. It is a place where I've read that people actually get into the water, when it's warmer. At one end there were fly fishermen enjoying the richness of the waters as well. The two parts of the falls were nestled in an off road area with a short trail, which dead ended into the road we took to get there. Waters Creek Falls was a short, and sweet treat, intended for the end. Nevertheless, she was a perfect bonus to the adventure.

Now is where I share with the ladies the "what had happened was...."

Insert anxiety, and imagine my natural deodorant abandoning me. (big sigh)

I had eleven women depending on my direction, in a place where I no longer had a signal, neither did anyone else. There was no way for me to Google search anything. Now wait, I forgot to mention, I had also printed the directions, and brought them with me this time. Again, I was ready; however, the printed version, was the same as the directions I had not followed on my phone. They were of no help getting us out of the intended second location, back to the planned first location. Where is the satellite phone, or Garmin hand held GPS device when ya need it?

By the way, Universe, as you're reading this, know that this Ch8se Champion needs either a Garmin GPS/SOS device, or a Satellite phone for situations such as this, to be added to her backpack of goodness. It is the one major item missing from our emergency kit. No, I don't have a Go Fund Me Account; but I will set one up, if you say so. Email or call me, Brother or Sista Universe. We accept donations. And no, this is not a shameless plug, it is a essential placement of our intentions, and our desires.

Ok, back on track.....

We blindly leave Waters Creek Fall, and Ya'll I am internally flipping the fudge out, trying to maintain my cool. We had five new ladies. This was a poor first impression. They will never ch8se again. What must they be thinking of this ch8se champion? We are lost, and now wasting time, and gas trying to find a signal. Really, girl, ya got to do better. Oh, this was the conversation with me, myself, and I. In my mind, yes, I went all the way there, ya' hear me? (sigh)

The ladies that were in Choppa, my how I love me some them. They were cool as ice. They were empathetic, and calming, and did their very best to get me to chill the fudge out, and breath. Ya'll, my waterfall whisperer, did her best to read that dang map, but it was a no go. My Lovely sista, who normally blesses us with a cell signal, along with Kickass, I know, were all praying on my behalf, while desperately searching for a cell signal. I chuckle at it now, but just know I gave my deodorant a work out that morning, cause all I wanted was a moment of kicking, spitting, yelling, and cursing, to get me back on track. My word, I was sweating.

At one point my Lovely sista says turn left here. But in the midst of my anxiety, and determined to go right, I did, found a signal and directions that said turn yo azz around and go back to where she told you to go in the first place. Dangit, I missed it, just missed it, and werked my own nerves, and deodorant, far more than necessary. I learned so many lessons in the time it took us to get back on the right track. Oh, to just have yielded in the first place.

Ok, that too, I had to share.

We are now in familiar territory, and I'm feeling somewhat better; but now all the above has me second guessing everything. Ya'll I was a momentary mental mess. When I tell ya my sista, waterfall whisperer, helped me gather my shit, and bring me all the way back to myself, oh my goodness. I had a serious moment of lingering uncertainty that had me shook, which fortunately, I don't think anyone else was aware of, one except she and I, well, that is until just right now.

By now, we've gathered ourselves, formed our circle, introduced ourselves, did the talk before we walk, head count, took selfies, and foot pics, and were headed through the woods. We followed the gravel trail, passed the outdoor tables, and grills, and ended up on a road in the midst of the woods that led us to the trailhead.

The sounds, the smells, the visual stimulation, was, as it always is, breathtakingly amazing. We passed the bear warning signs, the campers, and crossed the bridge of the sweetest little welcoming stream ever. Here is where I entered into my mental place of peace. Seriously, the sounds and the water instantly transported me into my own little sanctuary.

We are now in the beginning of our 4.20 high. We are at DeSoto Falls which is at an elevation of over three thousand feet, in the North Georgia mountains. We were 4.20 high. The falls forces a split in the road. We took to the left, to the low falls first. The hike took us higher, that's for sure, and it was well worth it. Here we paused and soaked in everything magical about this space. We embraced the ch8se, and each took from the quiet roar of the falls, exactly what she needed. We yielded to the energies, and inhaled her strength. I found solace in it all, and hope that the ladies did as well.

Below is one of our first time ch8sers who agreed to share her experience.

After our pause we chanted, and made our way to the fork in the road and elevated to the high falls. This natural wonder, made us work for her beauty. Her climb took us even higher, and just as the other, it was well worth it. After countless selfies, and awe inspiring moments, one of our first time ch8sers, the beautiful Kerisse Hutchinson, the brain child and driving force behind the one woman stage play, 2 The Left, a tribute to the life of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, (, IG: @kerissegram, #2TheLeftPlay) spit some "Left Eye" lyrics for us, from you guessed it, "Chasing Waterfalls," of course. She shared her vision, and her plans, and in that moment, intensified our high.

I told ya'll we got high on 4.20. You had to be there to appreciate it all, and understand how truly high we were. Typically, I do not name drop, for my own personal reasons; however, how spectacular to have Kerisse to go #Ch8singWaterfalls with us and sprinkle her #BlackGirlMagic, powered by Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes in the midst of our chapter 20 ch8se, on 4.20? I encourage you to support our sister, she's a movement by herself, but she's a force when we are all together. Don't miss out on her magic, and don't say I didn't tell you.

After we are blessed with our natural healing, our magical moments, and our sister's black girl magic, we begin our descent, and are on our way to lunch. Creekside was our lunch spot. Here is where we get to share our carpool stories, and ch8se experience with everyone else. We enjoy our meals, and while devouring desert, we each share our most special moments of the ch8se adventure.

Ladies who had never ch8sed before were amazed by the beauty. They were proud of their strength, and their own personal victories. The sight and sounds of the waterfalls were powerful to us all, while to some was much more than words could express. The quiet time we took to yield to the waterfall was a blessing to us all, and one that is now a staple for all ch8ses. Ch8sing Waterfalls truly is it's own magic. Ch8sing with women of like minds and intentions, is an unexplainable power all of its own. All of this we shared as we broke bread, shared laughter, and celebrated our individual and collective victories.