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Chapter 1 - Roswell Mill At Vickery Creek (9.17.17) In The Beginning

The ladies of GirlTrek never cease to amaze me. The dedication and commitment of the sister hood, both collectively and individually is unparalleled. What began as a conversation of desire, and admiration of nature during Adrenaline August, 2017, may have just birthed a true, natural addiction.

In amazement, the simple idea of ch8sing waterfalls, unfolded into a group of seventeen beautiful ladies, representing GirlTrek in their super shero blue. Each lady was eager for adventure, and excited to meet and embrace a new trekker, in search of waterfalls.

The idea was that the first waterfall needed to be one relatively close to all, which would afford the opportunity to gauge interest and participation.

The Roswell Mill location proved to be a good first. The Mill is located within the city of Roswell, surrounded by a community, a park, and nearby shops. Vickery Creek Falls, though a man made waterfall, did not disappoint the seventeen. Some of the seventeen had never seen a waterfall in person, and found it to be as spectacular as seen on television.

After the hike through the woods, and a brief trek through the surrounding neighborhood, because it was the shorter route, and the one most familiar, each of us spoke of our experience, embraced one another, and left fulfilled.

Feeling the success and energetic vibes of the first ch8se, I found myself thinking afterwards that perhaps there could have been more. I thought, maybe, we should have shared brunch afterwards. Nevertheless, we simply said our goodbyes and parted ways.

I truly believe this first ch8sing waterfalls adventure, will absolutely not be the last.

Stay tuned for more........

Deborah McGlawn


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