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Chapter 4 - High Falls State Park (12.31.17) Leave It All Behind

Epic! Epic! Epic!

Did I say Epic?

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, thirty-seven, yes, thirty-seven badass, phenomenal, adventurous, amazing GirlTrek Queens ended 2017 in the woods of the High Falls state park.

This was a new location for me, and was led by our amazing sister, Rocket Rhonda, who was familiar with this particular trail.

We began the trail in true GirlTrek fashion by giving the talk before the walk, had individual introductions, and secured a head count. Again, thirty-seven ladies set out on an adventure, ch8singwaterfalls and writing chapter four. Thirty-seven has it's significance, considering I have a thing for numerology, and though several interpretations can be found, I receive the fact that the number three represents the trinity, and the number seven is the number of completion. I found this to be symbolic for the final ch8se of 2017. Again, there are various interpretations for this number, this is just what stuck out for me.

We found ourselves engulfed in the beauty of nature on every side. We climb rocks, posed with natural backdrops, and walked the stones that lined the creek bed at the bottom of the falls. This was a very scenic, end of year trek, which I believe was enjoyed by all.

An end of the year trek was an attractive conclusion to the year, deserving of a symbolic expression. At the beginning of the trek, each trekker was encouraged to secure a leaf that caught their eye, and carry it along the route to the waterfall. During the trek, each individual was to energetically transfer the things she chose to leave behind in 2017. As we reached the bridge, which crossed the top of the waterfall, we paused for selfies, group pictures, and a moment of reflection. We each took the final opportunity to energetically transfer those things, thoughts, emotions, weights, and people, that we would leave behind in 2017, into our individual leaves. After collectively pausing for a moment of silence, at the count of three, it happened. We released our leaves, and all that was energetically transferred into it, and left it all behind.

This was by far one of the most energized moment in a ch8singwaterfalls adventure. It was definitely one I am very proud of.

Afterwards, many of us culminated the end of year ch8se at Buckner's restaurant for a lazy Susan, buffet style meal.

Chapter four, was another successful adventure, surrounded by phenomenal women.

Stay tuned for more.......

Deborah McGlawn


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