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The discovery

December 25, 2018, as we scout we discovered a hidden geocaching jar.  The idea is sort of a treasure hunt of sorts.  There is an entire geocaching movement, with an app and thousands of adventurers engaged. 


This discovery sparked a new interest and  is one that will be add to the ch8se adventures.  

This is the jar we uncovered, along with the notes left by other adventurers.

The 1st geoc8she

January 1, 2019.   The 19 ch8sers welcoming 2019 on new year's day, placed the first jar of the geoch8sing series.  

The pictures are a journal of the joy left behind.  The initial jar included a cotton bulb, a sea shell, note pad, a pen and pencils.  

The idea is to leave a little joy behind in hopes of encouraging other adventurers to do the same.  The pics are clues to the location of the jar.  We hope you ch8se, find it & share the joy.

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