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The Earlier Chapters

We have been ch8singwaterfalls, and creating chapters, filled with memories that will last forever and a lifetime.  This section is a reflection of either what was, or what is to come.  Stay connected and visit this space often for the next adventure, as we continue ch8sing waterfalls.

In The Beginning
September 17, 2017

Chapter 1
Roswell Mill

In the beginning, there were 17 amazing ladies who ventured out on a Saturday, simply curious and interested in Ch8singWaterfalls.  Many had never seen a living waterfall, and some had never hiked natural trails, yet all fell in love with the beauty and the power of the experience.  And so Ch8singWaterfalls began.

We do this!

Ashes to Ashes
October 14, 2017

Chapter 2
Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls will never be the same.  26 trekkers sprinkled, Black Girl Magic through the nature trails of Amicalola Falls and changed the atmosphere forever.  Several ladies left the ashes of their loved ones at the falls this day. After the second chase the ladies enjoyed brunch at the park lodge.  This proved to be the best conclusion to the experience, and became the norm.


D'Anika's BEarthDay Celebration
November 11, 2017

Chapter 3
Tallulah Gorge

  This was an emotionally charged day that inspired beautiful healing and freedom.  Three ladies stood in unity, celebrating the lost life of a child.  Tallulah Gorge holds  forever holds a place of healing and restoration to those who received.  This was our first lunch fail to date.  It was so bad we won't even mention the name.


Leave it All Behind
December 30, 2017

Chapter 4
High Falls Lake

Each lady was charged with the task of selecting a leaf.  During the walk the ladies were to transfer everything they desired to leave in 2017 into their leaf.  At the end of the trek, at the top of the waterfall, we all paused, energetically transferred all we wanted to leave in 2017 into the leaf, unitedly, we released  our leaf down the waterfall.  We found this to be the perfect way to close out 2017.  A great lunch, fellowship at Buckner's ended the morning perfectly.


New Year, New Trek, New Friend
January 24, 2018

Chapter 5
Anna Ruby Falls

This by far was the shortest, yet sweetest adventure yet.  Short in that it was under a mile, sweet because we met so many people who just wanted to know who we were.  Sweet also because we had a lady conquer her fear of heights and see her very first living waterfall.  Sweet because it was the first ch8se of 2018, and sweet because it ended with lunch at Bigg Daddy's, which was amazing.


Double Duty
February 18, 2018

Chapter 6
Ruby Falls
Rock City

We crossed the state line and ventured to TN for our first out of state adventure.  14 adventurers took on a two in one ch8se, for what proved to be a long, yet exciting day.  We began the tour inside the spectacular Rock City, and concluded underground, with the amazing Ruby Falls.  As with all ch8ses, the adventure isn't complete until there is a meal to culminate the ch8se, and so it was.  We enjoyed a pleasant meal at 1885 Grill.  Our day was so long that the grill ended up being our dinner spot, and it did not disappoint.


Go Hard & Grow Strong
March 24, 2018

Chapter 7
Raven Cliff Falls
Dukes Creek Falls

This ch8se came after the #TenaciousTen leaders of GirlTrek took the journey that Harriet Tubman took along the underground railroad.  The #Tenacious Ten, walked 100 miles in 5 days, and had the nation enamored along #HarrietsGreatEscape.  The 22 ladies of chapter 7 were faced with the most challenging ch8se to date.  Though we did not trek 100 miles, we did subtract 8 to 12 miles from our challenge of #Harriets100miles.  The trek tested us all in many ways; however, as always, together we enjoyed the two waterfalls.  Our lunch spot was Bigg Daddy's again, with Brad as our server.  We enjoyed it as well as the first time.


A Diamond In the Rough
April 7, 2018

Chapter 7.1
Cascade Spring Nature Preserve

When the vibe is right, and the opportunity arises, you simply go with the flow.  You embrace the elements and you ch8sewaterfalls.  Chapter 7.1 was a totally,   unscheduled, unplanned, chapter addition with the Awesome Ay Jay Jones.  This ch8se unfolded right in our back yards.  Well, closer than the hour and a half drives we've been taking.  The Awesome Ay Jay knew of this location and kindly shared it with the four of us.  We were led down the most peaceful, in-town trails imaginable.  We didn't visit a lunch spot after the ch8se, instead, we all went our separate ways.  You can read more about this adventure in the blog section of this website.


A Little Liquid Sunshine For The Soul
April 15, 2018

Chapter 8
Vickery Creek Falls

The plan was to hit the road towards Helen, GA to visit Helton Creek Falls, at Vogel State Park.  The weather, on the other hand was awful, and too terrible to drive two hours to ch8sewaterfalls.  We have some die hard ch8sers and despite the 100% prediction of rain, and the fact that some had already left home, the ch8se had to go on.  We do not cancel; however, we do redirect our plans.  Let me tell you briefly, (read more in the blog,) this was one of the most badass ch8ses yet.  I am surrounded by some fearless, phenomenal, amazingly brave women.  We had lunch at the Pig and The Pork Chop.  What a perfect rain date.


Silence is Golden
May 26, 2018

Chapter 9
DeSoto Falls

The joy and the laughter never ceases.  This ch8se proved to be one filled with fun, and lots of laughter.  A very sweet ch8se proved to be exactly what quite a few of us needed.  We engaged in colorful conversations, and soulful song.  We found ourselves being an anchor and a bridge of support for one another, both silently and physically.  This ch8se created new understandings and led me into an internal exploration.  We welcomed three new ladies to our ch8se family, who were relatively new to GirlTrek nation as well.  We had an interesting lunch at Fatz restaurant near DeSoto Falls.  Interesting in that one table sat apart from the group, and didn't receive the best service; however, had the perfect opportunity to get to know one another.  The day was a success, enjoyed by all.

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