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Chapter 9.5 (6.4.18) - Something Like The Scout for Chapter 10

I find it necessary to scout the location of the ch8se as much as I possibly can, or at least have a ch8ser with me who has trekked the area and can lead the way. For the most part, the ch8ses that have unfolded have been those that my bestie, my hubby, my boo, has taken me on, and we've enjoyed together. It was his original idea, back in 2011 or so that has us here at chapter 10.

To navigate the trails, the parking, and the drive prior to taking a group is key, and has proven to be a very important process of each chapter. Granted, the memory of some of the ch8ses were a bit dusty, in that I had not been in a while and forgot some things; nevertheless, each have been successful, and well worth the ch8se.

For chapter 10, the original concept was to ch8se and experience four waterfalls in one day. In order to do so successfully, the recon mission, or the scout of the locations was necessary. Here enters the bestie again. After securing a free day, to the woods of Georgia, we went.

Those of you who know me, know that Dora the Explorer is one of my aliases, given to me by my Yaya's for obvious reasons. Hubby knows this as well. He all but in so many words informed me that though I was Dora, he was not Diego. He drove me to the falls, accompanied me along the partial path to two locations, and actually drove us down the gravel, not so leveled road, that his car, which sits low, should probably not have been on, after which he informed me I would not be driving his car back for the actual ch8se on 6.16.18.

We found ourselves enjoying the entrance to Hemlock trail, where we were met by a very nice waterfall, which appeared to fall off of a dam like structure, pictured below. We walked shortly beyond the mass boulder that has Hemlock Falls etched on it, into a very scenic trail. For this location, the idea, (according to him) was to allow me to see the trail, to communicate the terrain to the ladies. Ok, well, mission accomplished.

From Hemlock falls, we made our way to the Angel & Panther falls campground area. There we were met by a neighbor to the area, who helped point us in the right direction, as well as a photographer who shared her love of the area. We ended up in the campground area talking to two of the rangers, who informed us of the Jamboree that would be happening the weekend of the chapter 10 ch8se. They let us know that parking would be a challenge, and that the campgrounds would be packed. There would be food trucks, tents, games, children, music and lots of activity, all weekend long.

Can I just tell you how thrilled I am that we ran into those two people? Had we not, I would not have known anything about it, and would have ch8sed us all the way there to pull a plan B outta my butt, in an area with poor or no cell service. Whew, they were truly a God send. Needless to say, the idea of ch8sing the four in one day was tossed after they shared that information with us. Nope, no need for all that. We will gladly return to the area, when there will not be a jamboree. Thank you very much.

Ok, lemme wrap this up and prepare for chapter 10.

We ventured from Angel & Panther falls campground area, ill equipped with no cell signal; therefore, no navigation, and failure to pay close attention to detail. We clearly took the long way in and the even longer way out of Minnehaha falls. Here is wehre we had to take that dirt/gravel road I mentioned above.

Minnehaha is one of the easiest falls to trek to and one of the most beautiful falls I've experienced. It is a very tall fall that's kinda tucked back in its own little space of Georgia heaven. There is a nice stone that is positioned immediately in front of the falls which provides for the best and most refreshing seat imaginable. The experience was well worth it all, despite not actually walking the length of Hemlock, Panther, or Angel, it was worth every minute spent with my bestie, with Minnehaha being the perfect grand finale.

Chapter 10 will afford me the opportunity to witness Hemlock falls, for the first time, with the amazing ch8sers that I'm fortunate enough to spend my day with on 6.16.18. Now all I have to do is get us back there and back without getting turned around. Yep, I have printed maps, and praying for Jesus to take the wheel.

Be sure to come back here for the narrative of the pre-bEarthDay ch8se.

Until we ch8se again........

Deborah McGlawn

The area near Angel & Panther Falls.


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