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Chapter 5 - Anna Ruby Falls (1.24.18) New Year, New Trek, New Friend

Happy New Year!!!

Short and sweet this was. It was by far the shortest trek we have explored; yet equally as rewarding.

The mountains of Georgia, will never be the same, and are never the same once the Ch8sing Waterfalls, GirlTrekker's have sprinkled their black girl magic with every step we took.

When I tell you "every where we go, people wanna know, who we are and where we come from." Of course, in true GirlTrek fashion, we educate them on "who we are, and where we come from!"

The ch8sers have all caught the bug, of collecting park patches, medallions, and lapel pins, and truly whatever else captures our attention. Most of the state parks have a gift shop, where we can purchase our souvenirs and amaze the rangers in conversation about the movement that is GirlTrek.

At the gift shop, here at Anna Ruby Falls, there were two male park rangers, and a female working the cashier, likely a ranger herself. The two men were enamored with us and found themselves in several of our selfies and group pictures. One of the rangers laughed with us and let us know it had been years since he had been around so many beautiful women and one time. And ya'll this was just the beginning of the fun.

As our sea of blue super shero's proceeded to the waterfall, we passed several people in amazement that so many black women, were in the Georgia mountains, laughing, hiking, having a great time. Little did they know this too, was familiar to us all now.

Nevertheless, two women were so excited to see us, they insisted on helping us capture the perfect pics. As a matter of fact, I remember one telling us to stop, that the image she was seeing had to be captured in a picture. She said, she had to take the picture. So sure enough, we stopped, one of us ran our cell phone to her, and not only did she take our picture as a group, we took selfies with her as well.

This trek was a victorious one for many reasons; however, the one that strikes me most at this moment was the Sista who both conquered her fear of heights, and saw the beauty of a living waterfall, for the very first time. The experience was so surreal that she was overwhelmed to tears True black girl healing happened at Anna Ruby Falls.

The theme for this trek was new year, new trek, new friend. Each lady was to connect with a person she did not know and along the trek, get to know her. We were all to make a new friend. This is how ch8sing waterfalls 2018 began.

After a snack break, and quality time with the waterfalls, nature and countless selfies, we headed back to the gift shop, restroom, and our cars. Right before reaching our cars, we were stopped by a couple, who had to know who we are, and where we come from. Yep, we told them, who we are, and where we come from.

The two are teachers who were in Georgia visiting. The wife took a picture with us, and said she would share our story with her students when she returned home. She was extremely pleasant, as they both were, and congratulatory of our movement and commitment to self care. Carla Ingram of, and her husband Matt is the couple I speak of. Carla, true to her word, shared GirlTrek with her students, and on her social media account.

As with all treks, each writes its own chapter of the ch8se. Though there is always somewhat of an itinerary, there is never a real plan. We just never know how or who we will affect along the way.

I'm thankful for the ladies who are on the ch8se with me.

Until chapter 6 unfolds, stay connected. Chapters are being written.

Deborah McGlawn


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