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Chapter 19 - Becky Branch Falls at Warwoman Dell ~ 3.2.19

The Exceptional Eleven

Eleven go out and eleven return, just the same as all eighteen ch8ses before this chapter unfolded. The day also started as normally as others. It was another 7:00 meetup at Publix, with the 7:30 take off time. I think there were three cars in the caravan, and one that met us there. And just like that chapter 19 had begun, and did so by welcoming two new ch8sers to the adventures.

Each ch8se, for me proves to be awesome; however, some are more epic than others. Each presents with its challenges and personal obstacles. The strength, determination and overall badassery of many of our ch8sers never cease to amaze me. I know badassery isn't a real word however, neither is ch8sers, so what? (LOL)

The new ch8sers always add a a punch of flavor and a blend of excitement that only they can bring, and this chapter was no different. It always excites me when a ch8ser returns to the ch8se, and in this case there was one who had not ch8sed with us in quite some time, and her return to the ch8se warmed my heart.

We enjoyed a beautiful stroll through the woods, which seemed to be tucked away in their own little corner of the world. The sounds and smells of the area around us, nearly always takes my breath away. There are many things I enjoy about ch8singwaterfalls, and one of them is witnessing the amazement, and excitement on the faces of each ch8ser, be it their first, fourth, or fifteenth, witnessing the sentiments of joy it brings to each ch8ser never get old.

This ch8se exposed three natural wonders. They ranged from the smallest to the largest; although, we started with the middle sized fall, and ended with the smallest of the three. From the time my bestie and I scouted this ch8se, to the day of the ch8se, I had done some additional research which unfolded a cavern in the area. Dora the explorer within, was determined to find this gem, hidden or not, determination took over and curiosity won. The ladies agreed to join the pursuit of the cavern. I now had to recall from memory, what I had seen on the map, and just discovered the day before. To my delight, yes, we found it. It was much smaller than I thought it would be according to the pictures; however, rewarding nonetheless.

Ya'll I was so prepared. I had printed a map to give us direction to the cavern, and to the restaurant, because as with most all ch8ses, there is little to no signal in the mountain areas. I had printed information to give details about the Warwoman Dell area, and all. Yes, girl, Yes, I was ready, and had given great consideration to include the lunch location in the printout of the map as well. Great, right? Of course this was smart, and the best thing to do, and how fantastic it would have been, HAD I NOT LEFT the pages on the table, AT HOME! (Insert "duh" emoji).

Ok, moving right along, I digress.

The ladies of the ch8se are true determination, and the best of the best sister circle ever. If you didn't already know, let me remind you that, never is a sister ever left behind, nor is she positioned to feel uncomfortable in her pace. Each ch8ser gives great care to ensure that we are our sisters keeper. We hold hands, lead the way, encourage and motivate, every step of the way. You see some ladies have never hiked, some have never seen a waterfall, and some of us have had challenging experiences in sister circles, which alter our trust levels. Most of us have our own baggage, and may find trust to be a special kind of challenge all in its own. These ladies were no different.

We took our awesomeness over the river and through the woods to natural waterfalls we go. We climbed quietly, we climbed in solidarity, and we climbed bravely, one step at a time, and one ch8ser at a time. We walked, talked, and inhaled the freshness of the air, and the fun of friendship. Ch8sing is so rewarding, in so many ways.

I must say the first waterfall, was cute, and allowed us to get real up close and personal, to the point we could have dipped our toes in the water, had it not been so cold. The second made us work for her awesomeness. She presented in a place on the mountain, that seemed to be at the very top. We tackled that steep incline like champs, one step at a time. The second fall, and all of its elevation was the most rewarding. She was full, loud, calm, amazing, and as beautiful as the victory of ascending to meet her face to face. As for the third and final waterfall on this ch8se, I believe someone challenged it being called a waterfall, because of its size. Truly, it was more of a trickle, a bit of a spit, and something like the flow of a faucet; nevertheless, she was as beautiful as she could be in all of her tiny glory.

We wrapped up the ch8se with six or seven of us at the Fortify Pi restaurant on main street for lunch. We visited our friends at Wander North, GA, and met our new friends from Atlanta Trails. The day concluded with a trip to the specialty donuts shop, there on the square.

Another successful ch8se with plans for chapter 20 already unfolding. If you ch8sed with us on this chapter 19 adventure, please share in the comments what your take away was from this experience. We would love to hear from you.

Please leave us a comment.

Thank you.

Until We ch8se again.

Your Ch8se Champion

Dynamic Deb aka Deborah McGlawn


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