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Ch.36 - When Nature Calls, Answer!

Here we are in the last months of 2020 and we all know what it is. We have seen some things, experienced some things, and pray to forget somethings, right? The days leading up to Halloween 2020 were just as heavy and eventful as many in 2020 had been. Knowing this, and experiencing some unrequested heaviness myself, it was clear, spontaneity was in order. I needed to go ch8sing waterfalls, and so did my friends.

There were two ladiess, in particular who had expressed the need of an escape, so sure enough they joined me for a quick get away to #embr8cethech8se and leave our cares behind for the morning. It was a small group of us. Actually, four adults, a teen, and a young boy. We were six ch8sers in the right place at the right time.

For this quickie, we met at Cochran Mill Park in Palmetto, GA, just past the airport. This waterfall is nestled in a nice community area, where you have to pay to park. It actually opens up to horse, and bike trails along a route opposite the one we took to get to the waterfalls. There are two waterfalls in this space, and we enjoyed them both, along with the bonus sounds of the water along the way.

The young men were an added joy to this ch8se. This was the second time we've had young men to join us on a ch8se. My grands were the first young men to embr8ce the ch8se nearly a year ago. These young men were both entertaining and filled with excitement; meet Kal and KJ. I enjoyed their energy. They were a welcomed addition to this adventure. They were very much like night and day. One was shy and reserved and the other one the exact opposite. Can you tell the difference? The truly brought the balance.

We discovered early on, that the storm had left an impact in the woods, as there were quite a few fallen trees, and branches on the trail. There were some that caused us a slight detour, and others we climbed over or crouched under, yet non too challenging. Though the storm damage was present, the water levels were extremely low. The low levels afforded us the opportunity; however, to get closer into the and onto the walls of the falls, and walk further into the space where the water would normally prevent us from entering without getting wet feet. The guys really enjoyed this part of the ch8se, as did we all.

We each found ourselves embr8cing the ch8se, reflecting and also releasing. At least, I know I did. I needed this and the small group was perfect. Without a doubt, no matter what is happening in the world, despite whatever has worked my last nerves, stepping on fallen leaves, stomping through mud, listening to the sound of the water at your feet, and acknowledging the magical sounds of nature, is the prescription to cure it all. It truly is exactly what the doctor ordered.

We make our way beyond the first waterfall and continue on the hike. The day is perfect, the weather ideal, and the sisterhood, priceless. We didn't do a lot of talking. I think each of us were consumed with enjoying the adventure and in our own private way embr8cing the ch8se. I believe beyond the chatter with the young men, we took each step with intention and purpose. I would also like to think that with every step, we left a little bit of whatever was bothering us right there in that moment, amongst the leaves, driven in to the earth, gone. I believe we each walked out of it and into the natural healing and wonderment of the beautiful outdoors. Free from it all.

Approaching the second and final waterfall, the boys lead us with excitement. The space is as beautiful as always and calling us in to enjoy. We sit and embr8ce. Countless selfies and pictures commence, and the near conclusion of this adventure couldn't be more perfect. This was nourishing to my soul, healing and therapeutic for my heart. Perfect for my peace. This ch8se was sweet, it was short, simplistic, and just sweet. I enjoyed every moment of it, absolutely every moment.

It never ceases to amaze me how rewarding and different each ch8se is, yet equally nurturing and powerful in its own unique way. I can write until my fingers grow tired trying to paint this picture for you; however, it truly is one you have to experience for yourself. Come on friends, let's go ch8sing waterfalls. Embr8ce the ch8se for yourself, but be warned, it is an addiction.

Until we ch8se again, love, peace & waterfalls.

Your Ch8se Champion

Deborah McGlawn aka Dynamic Deb


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